I HATE medical language

But we HAVE scored a victory! Hands up anyone who objected to being called a CUSTOMER, when we are clearly PATIENTS? Medic-speak drives me up the wall;  I had NOT chosen Cancer in a shop – therefore as far as I was concerned I was NOT a Customer.  

I have been invited to sit on on trendy Think Tank Forums (Forii?) where the NHS quango-ites insisted on calling us Customers. However much other representative patients objected, it was obvious we were only there to make up numbers – and weren’t considered worthy of actually being taken seriously.  We were told by over-paid NHS PR “Consultants” that  basically we didn’t know what we were talking about, and “other” consultation committees including patients had all said they wanted to be called ‘customers’. I remember one very heated debate, when it became obvious we were ONLY patients – the highly-paid NHS PR Consultants had to justify their existence by coming up with new ideas. Today, am glad to say WE have won and THEY have lost.  It seems we are back to being Patients.  If only the rest of the topsy-turvey recommendations Andrew Lansley was keen to accept had been over-turned.


And another thing! Can anyone tell me why MDT (Multi-disciplanary Teams) talk about us behind our backs, but never to our faces?  I climb up the wall when perky doctor tells me “we discussed your case in the MDT meeting”,  Full Stop. So this is what I look like. image woman sitting at patio table Ugly, I know, but surely doctors can bear to look at my feet at least and tell me what they are discussing about me to my face? So what did you talk about me behind my back?  One is never told – just left to wonder. Or am I only one MDTs won’t talk to? verite@greenbee.net

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