From Facials to Ferragamo

Left with dried-out skin after Winter or

drug treatments?

What to do when left with dull skin.

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Take care of skin, and it will look good for many years.  I am no Saint, so don’t like preaching, but if you want an excuse to give up smoking, this will improve your facial skin no end.




I haven’t mentioned product prices, because now is the ‘Between Season” time when sales drop, so many companies have special offers – which can be really special. I have just been into local John Lewis and picked up a bargain – four brilliant Elemis Facial sessions for £100 – AND a gift bag of really useful essentials.


Face care


First – Facial Cleanser – why is it every other major country develops skincare specially for those with problem skins – except the UK?  Even tiny Iceland has its superb creams, developed by Dr. Bragi.  Sadly he died, but his research lives on, and prices of the Dr.Bragi products have come down.


bg-facial-cleanserI have been using Dr. Bragi’s Purifying Facial Cleanser, enriched with marine samphire from the sea;  I think seaweed and sea products are going o be the miracle ingredients of the future – so watch this space.

Elemis are launching their Limited Edition Cellular Skin Bliss Capsules to mark their 10th anniversary. Each tiny Rose (for morning) and Lavender (for night) capsule is packed with anti-oxidant rich pure moringa oil to cleanse the skin pathways to allow for better absorption of nutrients, making them perfect to ‘spring clean’ your skin or kick start a skincare regime for the new season




Using these, I have found I am acting like an advert – all of a sudden my skin has lost Winter harshness, and become soft.  Although at first i thought the capsules were too small, you only need to spread the oil inside very, very thinly – and boy do they pack a punch.

Currently Elemis stores that carry out facials have a very special offer with a short course at a low, low price.  Yvonne at my local John Lewis store has been providing me with a monthly treat, and rescued my skin from the winter doldrums.

I like their philosophy, sensible packaging (the capsules come in a strong box that now contains all my sewing kit – sensible re-cycling) and the contents are very reasonably priced for the quality of ingredients.

La Roche Posay’s (LRP)  Nutritic Intense Riche farce cream is developed for cancer patients; part of this company’s range, it has been developed specially to LP15122_bighelp our brillo pad skins.  I fell in love with their products when I went to the Medical Centre at La Roche Posay in France, and was astounded at the expertise that went into helping cancer patients with skin problems.  If only the NHS spent half as much time!



There have been over 80 Clinical Trials of LRP’s products, and they are recommended by Oncologist/Dermatologists at cancer hospitals all over the world.

You use this cream as a dy or night cream.


Exfoliate your face once or twice a week;  I am using a favourite from the NewHydrating_Gel_Mask_Bottle_Box_NR_146a9029-357c-45a8-b174-cf99f4bb49db_grande-2 Zealand company Living Nature;  another company that works alongside cancer organisations to develop produgurus.  The current exfoliant I am using is their Vitalising Exfoliant – does the job perfectly, and my skin is sloughing off its grey winter tinge.



Shower care



And Ferragamo?

Some of us go for handbags, but I am more of a shoe person; a new pair makes me bounce along, and I have a favourite Dr. P. who likes Ferragamo.  Instead of giving me a lecture about wearing ‘sensible’ shoes, she completely understands that one MUST have something pretty on the feet – and approves of Ferragamo because they are well-made, and cushion the heel so shoes don’t slip off.

And during sales one can pick up a bargain!  Which does wonders for the morale!  And of course if your feet are comfortable, your face reflects this (just watch the face of someone teetering along on 5-inch heels!)

Ferragamo Varinas

Varinas  skyepeale)








Bath Care



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