Churchill had right idea – could he help NHS?

Churchill’s first speech after he was appointed Prime Minister in 1940 promised the British  – blood, toil, tears and sweat.   He told us the truth and didn’t make ‘political’ promises.

Winston Churchill's "Sinews of Peace"...

And believe it or not, although he was head of the Tory party, Labour  were right behind him – Tories were lukewarm.

But Churchill knew the British, and that we expected honesty.  Are we any different today?

Today – what’s happening to NHS?

We want to know what EXACTLY is happening to our NHS.  Don’t believe politicians any more when they hope to keep us quiet with empty promises. And are fed up with the lottery of NHS treatment – from post code lottery for drugs to the A & E lottery that can leave us waiting on a trolley in a draughty A & E corridor.

We know the NHS hasn’t got enough money to give us the service we would like.  So isn’t it time our political leaders came clean, said there is X amount in the kitty, and what do YOU – the taxpayers – want us to do with this money?

Surely we are old enough to decide for ourselves?  Ministers seem to have made a hash of the service, so why not let us decide?  We know an election is looming next year; are fully up-to-speed with what that means (empty promises in manifestos which are conveniently forgotten once a party is in power).

Scared to become ill

In a iconic article in last Sunday’s Times, Camilla Long said “too many people are scared to become ill”.  She commented on respected MP Ann Clywd’s put-down when producing a report on the NHS – this is someone who had had first-hand experience of appalling treatment of her husband, where the NHS ‘Complaints’ procedure had dismissed most points – and over-looked others.

Believe me – I know how upset she must feel;  you try and write a balanced report on what went wrong, so that things can be changed for the better in future – and in kicks the NHS’s massive Admin procedures, well-trained in how to dismiss any comments you make and try to get you to give up.

What can we do?

  • With local elections coming up, Councillors will be keen to get elected/re-elected – particularly now that they get fees.  So when they come knocking on the door, ASK what is being done locally?
  • Send in emails to ask what is being done about particular concerns to you/the community
  • Ask what is being done to sort out any local healthcare problems

All of a sudden, you will get their eager attention.  But you’ve only got until May 22nd to ask questions.  On May 23rd you may find that those who made promises are difficult to contact.

Waning!  I am a cynic!

If anyone has any brilliant ideas of questions we could usefully ask Councillors or MEPs about health issues, send them to me at



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