Taking a daily bath – unlike Vivienne Westwood


Vivienne Westwood says she often

skips daily bath

Uggghh!!  When we learn that “cleanliness…” etc. from an early age, are taught to wash our hands, and hospitals are vigilant about personal hygiene, you would think having a daily bath or shower would be part of our daily routine for everyone.

When millions around the world have to walk miles to get water, we sometimes forget how lucky we are  to turn on a tap to have this gush out.  But importance of hygiene is bought home to us when visiting friends in hospital, to find they are in a single room because they have picked up a ‘hospital infection’


Was thinking of this when in hospital last week.  As I needed cheering up I used Neom’s Morrocan Rose to do the trick.  First of all, a dishy young doctor sniffed – and said “I can smell roses”;  I thought this was flowers belonging to another patient.  But then a nurse came by and asked what I was wearing, “as it smells of roses”.

Neom provided a real boost to my ego!



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