Cancer patients are given worse treatment at the GPs


Surgeries driven by quotas

Try to get an appointment for a review of long-term cancer drug side effects, and I am faced with a 3-week wait for an appointment.  When I get there the doctor tells me “if you find out anything let me know”, when I ask what I can do.

Last week I was phoned by surgery secretary.  Dr. X would like to see you for a review of your diabetes.

But I am under an eminent Consultant at X hospital.  I don’t need any more reviews.

Oh.  The Doctor still needs to see you.  Can you come in tomorrow?

At the appointment, I had a list of current problems concerning cancer survivorship.  But first, had to answer questions about my health concerning diabetes.  Tried to explain tactfully that my hospital Consultant was perfectly happy, and had taken loads of tests.

The Doctor spent wasted time taking me through what these tests had said, and then asked for copies (he obviously hadn’t seen them amongst the huge file full of reports re cancer treatment).

At the end of my appointment, I then tried to ask about cancer ……  “Make an appointment to come in again”.  And I left having had a totally wasted experience.

Saving Money

Funnily enough, after my last Consultant’s appointment, he had said he was so pleased with my progress that he was recommending I take half strength tablets.

But my GP won’t authorise the prescription for the lower strength;  the Pharmacist says this is because these tablets cost £1 MORE per month!!!  So I have to pick them out amongst 14 in my Dosset box, cut them in half, and throw half a away.

What a waste!


Could this anomaly in the way we are treated be because doctors get 6 points (QOFs) on their file for treating cancer patients?  Yet they get over 90 QOFs each time they see a diabetic patient?  And QOFs give extra brownie points for payments.

Tackling Mike Richards (ex-Cancer ‘Czar’) over this, he dismissively said Dept. Health were looking into this in 2014.  Why did I get impression the Dept. weren’t going to spend much time on subject.

But next year I shall refuse my ‘diabetes review’.  It was a total waste of MY time, and gave me no information what I don;t get from my hospital consultant.

But, if it gives the doctor more income ……….



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