NHS Losing our Records – and it wants us to allow outdated data to be used


NHS losing 2000 records a dayPatient confidentiality could be undermined by the new medica

Apart from losing our data, the Daily Telegraph says “Patient confidentiality could be undermined by the new medical records database” .  This appaently has been confirmed by the NHS’s own risk analysis.

According to the Daily Mail, the service that at time seems to copy The Mad Hatters’ Tea Party, apparently manages to lose over 2,000 of our patient records a day.  Now it wants us to allow it to give out our personal records to anyone who pays a fee.


Again, the Daily Mai says, it has even sold some of our records on Ebay.  Apparently these were sold by mistake, but how can you sell a product on Ebay without going through a lot of checks and confirmations?  And who got the money they made?  Is it floating in the ether – unclaimed?

Perhaps these records were being sold by the Ward Nurses mentioned as “looking at eBay” by patients’ relatives, instead of attending to patients.

What happened to me

Attending a clinic in Out Patients at my local Foundation Hospital, the Receptionist looked up, “sorry, we’ve lost your notes.  We’ll re-book you”.

But to her astonishment, I just said I would wait, unit they had found them.  I had been inconvenienced attending the clinic;  I had a list of problems, and didn’t want to wait to find out what was wrong.

So I sat down with a pile of magazines and waited from 2 pm until finally, at 4.50, she came over to say they had found my notes, and the doctor saw me.  No apology – I just wondered if this was another way of reducing the waiting lists?

But I called their bluff, and saw the doctor, without re-sheduling an appointment and having another long wait.

When I phone NHS England, who officially are in charge for the programme (and spending out money like water) they deny all knowledge, tell me to go through to Dept. Health – who put me through directly to NHS England.  One hand doesn’t know what other is up to!


MENCAP and RNIB (Blind), etc.  have accused officials running the scheme of unfair treatment of those with disabilities.  And if Mum is showing signs of Dementia, do you want insurance companies refusing to accept her as a bad risk?  Allowing anyone to access this data (if they pay a fee) seems to usher in the 1930s and some rather nasty practices to ‘cleanse’ a population.

The NHS is quoted in the Daily Telegraph as saying “Medical records hold some of our most sensitive information and the threat to people’s orivacy of them being stolen … must not be underestimated”.

Now, if they removed our NHS number from the data being offered, we would have privacy – but this would negate what companies are paying for.


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