Ways round funding cuts 

It’s no use complaining if you can’t get top quality healthcare.

The NHS is in dire straights, and it depends on local priorities if you get what you are entitled to – Although our proportion of Taxes to pay for the NHS comes out to £2,500+ per taxpayer per year.

Or you may find that “funding has been withdrawn” so there is no money for whatever service you need.

Now, you can write to the Chief Executive of the hospital (they have had to cut budgets so not much help);  your MP (if they belong to the Coalition they daren’t blot their copybook – so you will get more attention from someone in opposition), or just decide to go it alone.

“Off-sick” and all the other big wigs at Dept. Health will shout until they are hoarse that they “listen to patients’ (funny how many of them have private healthcare).  If you can afford to copy them, good luck – but now that my medical insurance has cheerfully told me as I am over five years into remission from cancer, they won’t insure me any more – I am learning to negotiate the minefield that is the modern NHS. Incidentally it horrifies me how much the NHS is wasting treating us;  but it’s only our money, so they gaily dish out OTT prescriptions whenever we need just a few pills.

Private Health Insurance

Oh I do miss this;  one normally consults with the same Consultants that one is treated by on the NHS, but you are treated as though you have a brain.  You see the doctor you are booked to see, not a junior trainee who looks at you and says “I’ve never seen this before”.  And you can make an appointment if you think you need this – no “you are now signed off so you must go back to your GP and book an appointment through them – which will probably be for three months time by the time the merry-go-round comes round.

I met the people behind SIMPLY HEALTH the other day, and was impressed with their understanding of problems we face – not just medical ones, but the problems of finding ‘joined up healthcare’.  Knowing that many private insurers seem to duck out of paying for some treatment, I was impressed that SIMPLY HEALTH has received a ‘Best’ Award from Personal Finance.

They have taken time out to research best practice for some worrying conditions, including a report exposing the truth behind Britain’s musculoskeletal health;  something that impinges on so many people, and which is very much a Cinderella of the NHS.  I was fascinating reading the accompanying booklet, which had the worrying information that those of us who live above the line that goes across the UK above Birmingham should pay particular attention of Vitamin D levels.

0800 980 7895

Private Nursing

I ended up in the Western Eye Hospital, as my Foundation Hospital had run out of slides, couldn’t do tests of my eye ulcer, so sent me there.  As they didn’t know if I was infectious, I had to luxury of a private room – all on the NHS – and superb nursing.  It’s a small hospital, the staff like working there, many have been there for several years, and I benefited.

But, coming home I after 8 days in bed, I didn’t feel too good.  So booked a private nurse to meet me when I arrived home from hospital – and boy, what a luxury.  I had umpteen pills and drops every hour – so she drew up a timetable that was easy to keep to.  Tucked up in bed, she asked what I would like for lunch – and it was beautifully served.  I benefited from individual care from an ex-Sister who had worked for years at one of our best hospitals, and a day of pampering really set me up.  It cost me £200 for a six-hour shift, and was worth every penny.  I was paying top whack, living in London;  your GP or Pharmacist should be able to tell you of reputable agencies locally.

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