Macmillan survey highlights shocking truth with cancer survey


Macmillan Survey Reveals Shocking Truth

Wouldn’t you think London, being the Capital of the UK, would have the best cancer hospitals?

Don’t hold your breath ……..

If you have been treated at the hospitals listed below, and were unhappy with your care, you are not alone.

A recent survey by Macmillan cancer charity lists

The 10 ‘worst performing’ trusts

  • 1) Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust
  • 2) Barts Health NHS Trust
  • 3) Croydon Health Services NHS Trust
  • 4) Barking, Havering and Redbridge University Hospital NHS Trust
  • 5) King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
  • 6) North Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust
  • 7) St George’s Healthcare NHS Trust
  • 8) Whittington Health
  • 9) North West London Hospitals NHS Trust
  • 10) Dudley Group NHS Foundation Trust (West Midlands
  • The survey says “)Hospitals often did well in treating cancer but fell short in care afterwards, NHS England said.”

Is Arrogance the cause?

Patient survey after survey highlights the mantra ‘`no-one listens to me’.  When I was treated at a major London hospital, a nurse told me “you are ONY a patient’, when I dared to query treatment.  Sp I went off to France (where on average cancer patients live 4.6 year longer than UK patients) and was listened to.  But how many of us are lucky enough to have a job that allows us this freedom?  Usually we have to put up with the bad care that is dished out.

But now, Macmillan has confirmed our fears;  so we can wave the evidence under the noses of arrogant doctors and – not so often – nurses.  And INSIST that we are listened to.

Behind the Survey

To get this result, Macmillan analysed a nationwide survey of 68,000 people and found care standards fell “lamentably short” in some capital hospitals.

Patients were asked about issues such as whether they felt well supported, informed and were treated with respect.

NHS England said the findings were “disappointing” but were being tackled.

Caroline Alexander, the chief nurse for London, said: “We do well in treating the illness.

“But often we fall short in caring for the individual and giving patients and their families the support that they need.”

And remember, doctors say that those of us who complain, have better survival rates.

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