Germans take Facials seriously

A new outpost opens in London


Brilliant and gleaming – London now has a new salon, IQMSMedicosmetics,  dedicated to looking after faces only.  So simple –  but before the only people who were this dedicated were private therapists.  Opened in Cadogan Gardens, just opposite the back door of Peter Jones.

Beware imitations;  up and down Harley Street are “medispa” outlets galore, dedicated to making money for their owners, and not much help to us.  The British “spa” industry, which is nothing like the Continental one, has latched on to the name “Medispa’ – but having visited I can assure you they are dedicated to giving our faces genuine help.

So when I was put on “a new drug, which I was told “won’t give so many side effects” (no, only different ones), the usual happened to my face:  brillo pad skin, rough edges and very tight skin.  So I thought I would try the !QMSMedicosmetics outlet.


This is the personal vision of Dr. of medicine Erich Schutte, a renowned cosmetic surgeon working in Germany.  As I found out, his staff really know their stuff.  Usually, the effects of a facial will last perhaps a month;  this one, ably administered by Silvia,  lasted – and lasted – and lasted.  And even though I have been shoved full of some ‘nasties’ recently, the facial’s effects are seeing them off!

Dr. Erich Schulte says, “advancing the science of skincare is more than a passion for me;  it is my life’s work and the foundation of QMS Medicosmetics”.  At first , his claim to have developed pioneering formulas made me sceptical, but the moment you enter the doors of 43, Cadogan Gardens, you feel you are in a really clean working environment.  Everything sparkles, including the helpful staff.Refresh-and-Rejuvenate-this-Spring

At the end Silvia gave me a leaflet, marked with the in-house products she had used, and how I should use them in the future.  What impressed me was how she only considered a few products;  there was no hard sell here.

All in all – Silvia was a life-saver – and I am going back!

43, Cadogan Gardens,  London SW3 2TB


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