Calls for NHS Chief David Nicholson to resign

So he counters with Video


 “Everyone Counts”


Sir David Nicholson

Sir David Nicholson (Photo credit: NHS avid Confederation)

The calls for the NHS’s supremo, David Nicholson, to resign are mounting.

He was in charge for some of the time when patients were being abused in Mid-Staffordshire hospital – but although Dr. Max Pemberton of Daily Telegraph, Julie Bailey of Cure the NHS and many others are calling for his resignation – and even to go to prison – he counters with a rambling video about the NHS.

He can’t even dress properly to be filmed – perhaps he considers it isn’t worth getting properly dressed when sending out his message to the NHS – or is this all he thinks the NHS is worth?


Watch the video on


Who is it?

No – it’s not the Plumber – actually the video focusses on SIR David Nicholson – perhaps he can’t afford a tie on his vast salary

It’s entitled “Everyone Counts”  – one of the buzz phrases thought up by the expensve Consultant hangers-on employed by the NHS.  Problem is , they think up these phrases, but no-one actually thinks they should carry the idea on, and Plumber Nicholdson doesn’t seem to know either.

So don’t hold your breath – we STILL won’t be listened to. But it rather shows us, in a week when the Francis Report shocked the Nation, that patients still will have to fight their own battles;  NHS big-wigs still only pay lip service to consulting Patients.   Am still puzzling over why I can’t be sent a copy of the report from my recent MRI scan:  was told I couldn’t have it “due to patient confidentiality’!

And David Nicholson is still hanging on to his job, even after all the calls for his resignation post the Francis Report.

So whatever Francis Report said, it is still down to us to make a fuss if we don’t get what we are entitled to.

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