French Wine growers add their expertise to skincare

Grapes + Science = Glamour


Once, the grapes being tended by the men

traditionally driving the horses in the

vineyards would be destined for wine – but

today they might just as likely be used

for skincare.

As a teetotaler, it may sound silly to be interested in wine and vines, but talking to a Sherry vineyard  owner, he mentioned that the climate around Herez in Southern Spain, was so dry, that the vines send their roots down 3 – 4 metres seeking moisture.

Vines need moisture to grow.  But it took a clever Frenchwoman to put two and two together, and use this ‘dig deep’ ability to help our moisture-hungry skins.

She founded the skincare firm Caudalie,  and it’s fans have grown by word of mouth ever since 1995.  Since then she and Dr. Vercauten from the University of Pharmacy in Bordeaux, the famous wine-growing area of France, have been developing purely natural products to help our moisture-starved skins.

Recently, having been put on new drugs that have landed me with the usual dry, dry skin, I have been trying out Caudalie products;  at first sceptically – but now I see how they work I am not only a fan, but have been buying their products as present for other friends with the same problems.

As the Caudalie research team say:

“Organic grape water and grape seed oil will calm down and rebuild the skin. The polyphenol will stop free radicals leaded by the stress of the disease.”

Vine Body Butter

One of the first products I just had to try was Vine Body butter, and this is a real Hero product.     My body drinks it in, as it is incredibly soothing;  as soon as I started to use it I could feel the benefits as my Brillo pad skin started smoothing out.   I wish I knew what ingredient in modern drugs gives one this nasty dry skin – but somehow feel the drug companies don’t care.

The Body Butter contains grape-seeds (anti-oxidant) and grape seed oil (used a lot in cooking!) 

  • Shea butter – always a star ingredient
  • Avocado extra – another natural smoother

and sinks in without any trace of grease.

Like all Caudalie products, it is sold through pharmacies and Chemists;  the French believe in using the pharmacists’ knowledge, not just go in for medicines as we seem to do.   Cost:  £20

A very sensible idea is the way Caudalie uses the inside of boxes to show graphics on how to use the creams, serums, etc.  I think that this was the practical idea of the founder, Mathilde Thomas – and it’s really very sensible.  Once wonders why this has never been thought of before.

(Takes a woman to think up something so practical!)

So once you have unwrapped the products, flatten out the package and look for hints and tips inside – the S.O.S Serum had helpful diagrams on how best to massage it into your face.  There is also a helpful guide to which products go on first, so you don’t have to hunt round to find out which cream goes under/on top.

Vinosource Moisture Recovery Cream

This can be used as a Day or Night Cream

I used it on its own during the day, and at night massaged in the S.O.S. Serum first, then patted on the Recovery Cream.

Then went to the OAP’s Party at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital.  I arrived feeling like the oldest person there, but everyone was so complimentary about how well I looked – I soon perked up!

Cost £19.90

Chemists know all about the products

Near my new home is a wonderful Chemists – Chelsea Pharmacy.  They stock Caudalie, and I found Rima incredibly knowledgeable.  She told me about the Caudalie cleanser, and also recommended their Grape Water spray as being just the thing to moisturise my skin whilst I sit at my lap top all day in a centrally-heated room.  She is quite right!



You can apply the Moisture Recovery Cream both in the morning and evening – I hope this answers your question, do let me know if there is anything further you need.

Kind regards,


Josie Pohlinger

Senior Account Executive


+ 44 (0) 20 7381 6226



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