Do you go for an annual eye test?


It’s vitally important after cancer treatment

Eye Examination


Were you told to have a test?

No, I wasn’t either, but according to Opthalmologist Sandip Sahota, drug deposits can sit in the eye – so we need to get these checked annually.


Sandip fully understands what drugs such as Tamoxifen can do to our eyes;  she also warned me that Steroids can cause problems and affect our organs.

Sandip Sahota
Sandip Sahota

She explained that for a first appointment one should plan for an hour in case you need drops, and you mustn’t drive afterwards.

But before making an appointment for a test, make sure that whoever you are going to see has some experience of dealing with problems caused by cancer drugs.  I sat down in front of a so-called Opthalmologist at my local hospital’s Eye clinic;  asked what experience he had had with cancer drug side effects, and was told “None – you are the first patient I have seen who has had cancer”.

So I went back to waiting area, asked why – when I had carefully mentioned when making the appointment that I needed to discuss possible side effects on eyes – wasn’t I ‘given’ to someone who had experience?  Was met with complete indifference, so demanded to see top Opthalmolost.  They were so startled that a lowly patient actually had a voice, that I was seen by the top man, who HAD had experience.

Talking to Sandip, she said many of her patients were on Tamoxifen, so she became an expert in dealing with the problems this, and other drugs, can cause.  Her approach is completely integrated and holistic, so she is not just treating the eyes, but also ensures that eyes look and feel their best.

One part of her service I found extremely reassuring.  Everyone who has an eye test with her has a report sent to their doctor – would others did the same.

So many sure you have an annual test.

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