Lesson to be learnt from Queen's Jubilee

Sip water – and take a ‘comfort break’

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Everyone was sad when HRH Duke of Edinburgh was taken ill during the Jubilee celebrations, and felt for HM The Queen when he wasn’t at her side during  the Royal Pop Concert.

Ever a devoted Consort, it is seldom that he isn’t there when she needs support, and the day before he had stood stoically by her side in the pouring rain for four hours, scorning the thrones supplied for them to rest on.

Be warned!

Anyone undertaking the same schedule MUST have regular sips of water, and go to the loo.  Dehydration is bad for anyone;  but worse for the elderly.

It is more than likely that the Duke could have been dehydrated;  certainly standing for four hours is not the ideal thing to do at 86, let alone 90, so we were lucky that The Queen looks to be healthy.

What might have happened
Both The Queen and her husband stood stoically for four hours, and didn’t take a sip of water, let alone nip down to the loo as far as one could see.  This is not good for anyone, let alone two OAPs, and although we know Prince Philip would have scorned any medical advice, The Queen is always keen to set a good example.  So if the planners had built in a short stop she would surely have taken advantage.

Appoint a Footman
Although the Palace is in to austerity, surely it is time The Queen appointed a Footman of the Silver Salver, whose duty would be to present the Royal OAPs with a glass of water every hour or so?  In this Jubilee year, couldn’t Parliament vote to be less greedy, and allow Her Majesty to increase her allowance enough to pay for an extra footman, particularly if it is giving work to an unemployed youngster?

Obviously he/she could be given other duties, including searching out a discreet loo, but it would help to keep this incredible couple healthy.

Mind you, knowing what the Duke thinks of pop music, I reckon he was far better off in King Edward’s Hospital.  Anyone who has ever been treated there will know what I mean;  if you haven’t – it is run by a Matron – enough said..


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One thought on “Lesson to be learnt from Queen's Jubilee

  1. Vivienne DuBourdieu June 5, 2012 at 10:54 am Reply

    Excellent advice and I hope both HM The Queen and HRH The Duke of Edinburgh both get your message filtered through the ether. Indeed, it’s advice we all need to heed.

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