Trucks carry messages

Jersey’s refuse truck 


 is pink!


The Advertising world has long realised a truck is a huge canvas to carry a message.

But to the general public, they are the vehicles that take up ‘their’ space on the road.

But now, it seems, big lorries are getting a better press – and it’s all in aid of cancer.

What’s happening

Last year, arch haulage company rivals, Eddie Stobart and the Malcolm Group, got together to beat cancer.


As a contribution to helping cancer research, Stobart’s said they would donate the side of the mega truck to carry any message – whoever made the highest bid could choose to have their company’s advertisement seen the length and breadth of Britain’s roadways.


The highest bid came from arch rivals The Malcolm Group.  After the laugher when the winner was announced, the result was a Stobart truck carrying the message “Together we will beat Cancer“.

This year

Now in Jersey there is a pink refuse lorryrunning around St. Helier, raising awareness for breast cancer and cervical

Director of Municipal Services Debra D’Orleans said the idea came at a trade show when a supplier said they could have trucks in any colour.

“They told me we could have a truck in any colour, and I jokingly asked if they could supply us with a pink one.  We are very pleased to be able to help with this important work reminding women about regular health checks. The sides of the truck are ideal for carrying messages, and we think it will be a real talking point.”

The refuse truck is raising  awareness of breast cancer and the need for cervical smears.  Constable Simon Crowcroft says  it would “act as a slow moving, visual reminder”.  The vehicle will be on the roads five days per week collecting cardboard and commercial waste.

Mirium Prior, clinical and service effectiveness manager at Public Health, said: “We are pleased that 12,000 women in Jersey came forward last year for breast screening or cervical screening and some women had both.

“But we are concerned for the 1,500 women of eligible age for screening who haven’t attended yet, since breast cancer and cervical cancer are highly treatable if an abnormality is found early – for example through a screening test.”

There is no central address database in Jersey for the health department to use to call about screenings and smears so Mrs Prior said they were reliant on women booking themselves in.

So now the refuse truck trundles around, quietly doing its bit to help awareness.

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One thought on “Trucks carry messages

  1. Emma March 30, 2012 at 11:07 pm Reply

    Heartwarming. The world needs more pink trucks 🙂

    I also think we could think more about preventing cancer…along with a good diet, reducing the environmental toxic load might help.
    There are some interesting article here…

    And a recent book:

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