Cameron hosts Mad Hatters Tea Party

Were you invited to

English: The Mad Hatter, illustration by John ...

Did Downing Street host these madmen?

Cameron and LaLa’s Tea Party?



Well, it wasn’t for the likes of those who disagree with LaLa and Cameron.  Those invited had been cowed by the Dept. Health’s political roller coaster.  Or perhaps might make money under the NHS reforms.

Sore you didn’t get an invite?

Vent your anger by adding your name to the government e-petition here:

If there is a problem clicking through, please cut and paste.


This  petition set up by a doctor  has now gathered 150,000 signatures (strange – Cameron says doctors are the ones keen on LaLa’s NHS reforms).

It only needed 100,000 signatures to force a debate – so one wonders how many more will be needed to make Downing Street take notice? The more names on it, the more pressure on the government and MPs to rein in Andrew Lansley’s plans.  And hopefully 38 Degrees will be able to take this forward.


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