Last gasp for ideas to reform the NHS

WITCH DOCTOR #3 (of 4) Cover

WITCH DOCTOR #3 (of 4) Cover (Photo credit: BrandonSeifert)

Why doesn’t Lansley take his own advice

and listen?


That invaluable blog,  says:

Politicians are complaining about bureaucracy in the NHS. They confuse bureaucracy with management and management with administration. They don’t realise that in UK PLC 16% of staff are managers. In the NHS the figure is 13% and the cost, just 5% of the budget. Elsewhere in the economy management costs might be as high as 11%.

Baroness Warsi, Nick de Bois  and others claim the reforms will cut bureaucracy. We all know and have rehearsed ad-nauseam, that the plan to cut the SHAs and PCTs and replace them with (so far) the DH, NHSCB, Four Strategic Health Authorities, 50 Commissioning Support Units, 250 CCGS, 15 Clinical Senates, 165 Health+Wellbeing boards and 165 HealthWatchers is the sleight of hand of a clumsy magician. We realise sacking 45% of managers and rehiring them to do the same work at different desk is cost shifting, not cost saving.  They just don’t seem to get it.

What started out as a simple, perhaps naive, idea; to give power and money to GPs, because they know the patients, know the hospitals and know what’s-what, is the same as asking … a traffic-cop to make the cars runs smoothly through the town centre because he knows his manor. It is beyond them both.

Latest cost-saving idea is to stop syringing out years in GP’s surgeries.

Probably why Lansley can’t hear the chorus from all the Royal Colleges complaining about his Health and Social Services Bill?

Me?  I am looking around for alternatives.

Last week I threatened my doctor that if he didn’t find out what was wrong with me, my next option was to look for a Witch Doctor.

Reckon this one looks a likely candidate.

And his potions might not be any worse than the drugs that I’ve been on – whose side effects no-one seems to be able to sort out.

My doctor laughed.

But I was serious.

Because we are reaching  a point where the NHS is throwing in the towel, and in my case I strongly suspect it’s because the next steps in my care are going to be expensive.

My GP tried to tell me that the NHS is running out of money – and came out with the fact that I was getting on (he nearly said ‘OLD’, but saw my face in time).

I said the NHS hierachy should have thought of that before;  they had had 40 years of my taxes, which they should have saved for the future instead of spending.  During this time I had used the service so little that I had been removed from this doctor’s list, “because we never see you”.

So I reminded him they had had the use of MY money all this time, and felt they owed me something.  He sharply said this had no bearing on the matter – but I think it does.

Then friends in the NHS send me this doeful little ditty, which says it all:

Now the Witch Doctor option seems to get more interesting.  Until I remember Steve Jobs, who decided he was going to go for Alternative Medicine first – but sadly that didn’t work out.

But I am sorely tempted – the Witch Doctor looks a lot more interesting than those Junior Doctors in the TV series, filmed in my local hospital.  These scaring the living daylights out of patients needing ‘procedures’, as they tried out their non-existent skills using human guinea pigs as pin cushions.

Decisions – decisions.  But interesting possibilities! At least a Witch Doctor is a sole trader, and if things go wrong, the village knows where to find him.  Now, that’s a great incentive for patient power!


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