Finding work as a Cancer Survivor

Helpful Agency ~ At last! 




Evenbreak, a not-for-profit social enterprise, was formed to address two problems:

  1. Employers recognise the business benefits of a diverse workforce, but say  they find it hard to attract disabled candidates.
  2. Disabled candidates find it is hard to find employers who will look beyond their disability.

Jane Hatton, MD of Evenbreak, faced these difficulties, set up her own employment agency, and is now attracting companies across the board.

Current jobs advertised on her site include some with salaries in excess of £40.000 pa.

Deciding to change jobs, it can be difficult to find something that pays a decent wage.

  • Your brain is still active.
  • The skills you needed to work in a highly-paid managerial job are still there
  • It’s just you don’t have the stamina or energy to work full-time
  • Or you need to work from home.

What’s available

Jane has gone out into the workplace, and found socially responsible companies that want to employ those with disabilities, and are very willing to offer flexible working conditions.

Evenbreak’s recent clients include the BBC, the Royal Shakespeare Company, Yorkshire Water, Zurich Financial Services, Euromixers, Centre for Independent Living, Smiths Medical and the Royal Bank of Scotland.

However, Jane is brutally honest;  a current job is for a Senior Test Engineer in Greater London, and she warns “Opportunities like this are rare, and if you’re not the best tester that you know, you’re probably not the person we’re looking for”.

Current Sample jobs:

SharePoint Developer ; Field-based Employment Advisor  in Avon (Part Time);
P.A. Administrator.

Other fields in which Jane has found jobs include:

Accountancy; Agriculture, Animals & Environment; Automotive, Driving & Transport;
Banking, Finance & Insurance; Catering & Hospitality; Charity; Construction & Skilled Trades; Customer Service & Call Centre; Distribution & Warehouse; Education & Teaching
Engineering; Freight and Logistics; HR & Recruitment; IT; Legal; Marketing, PR & Advertising; Project Management; Scientific & Pharmaceutical; Utilities, etc. etc.

On-site Information

There is information on the Access to Work scheme, and how it helps employers with the costs of providing reasonable adjustments for disabled employees.

And advice on updating your CV, and deciding how and when to declare a disability.  As she says, “There is no obligation for you to disclose a disability – it is your own decision. However, there are some things you might want to consider in making that decision”.

Volunteers needed

Having been working for some years, you know your worth – but does anyone else?  It seems all that’s on offer is shelf-stacking in the supermarket, or numerous voluntary jobs churned out in Macmillan emails.

You get these because you read that Macmillans has paid and voluntary jobs available.  You  fill in your CV, but once you have done this, it seems all you can be given is ‘expenses paid’ work.

Macmillan was instrumental in setting up the National Cancer Survivorship Initiative;  four years on there is still no help available for finding jobs – only lots of headings with no solid information for GPs, professionals or yourself.

Good news

But thanks to Jane, there is someone out there doing what she can to help us get back into work.  Of course, she doesn’t have the millions that the NHS found available to supposedly help survivors (and as a survivor I tried to find out what’s happened to this – but you can guess…..), but she was a Finalist in the Stelios Disabled Entrepreneurs Award, and being disabled herself knows the snags – and how to persuade companies that they can offer us jobs.     0845 658 5717

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