Hacked off NHS moles are coming up from their tunnels

See http://www.nhsManagers.net



This website is well worth watching.

Edited by Roy Lilley, PPA ‘Columnist of the Year’ – Finalist, he manages to make sense of what is happening to the  Health Bill, that LaLa doesn’t want you to know.

Golden sieve

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Roy’s latest article comments that in this new commercial world, if the Department of Health were looking for a logo, they could do no better than “choose a gold plated sieve”.

Why? Roy says “there’s been another major leak”.

Then says, “you have to ask why people leak things.

Why do they risk disciplinary action, maybe even their jobs and careers to do it?

It’s easy to think it is because people think something is wrong and they want to bring it to wider public attention. It’s a bit about that but I think it is more”.

It takes a lot to shove a document into a scanner, put it on a stick, take it home, set up a Hot Mail account with a gobbledygook name and send it out. You have to be brave, determined and thoroughly aware of what you are doing and the consequences. And, you have to be pretty hacked off.

On a Scale of 1 – 10

It is impossible to measure ‘hacked-off-ness’. For convenience I have invented the Lilley Hacked-Off Scale; one to ten. Judging by my post-bag I take the general level of most readers hacked-off-ness to be about eleven out of ten. I’m thinking of recalibrating already.

I don’t think anyone has recovered from LaLa’s pledge of no more top-down reorganisations only to be faced with the lunacy of what followed; redundancies, 364 pages of Bill and the ‘Pause Fandango’.

Then a creeping realisation that the NHS will have all of its hospitals run off-shore as FTs, community services hived-off and the excesses of Monitor who seems to think the NHS should be run as a utility company.

Channel 4 gets in on the act

Throughout it all I was daft enough to think GPs would come good and do the right thing. That went out of the window when Ch4 did its Go-Johnny expose and Lovely-Jubbly appeared in the NHS lexicon.

Well, Ch4 have done it again. Any thoughts that GPs would have any real influence over commissioning has gone out of the same window. Somebody who is about 15 on the ten scale of hacked-off-ness has leaked a document. They made a programme insert about it on the Ch4 news, last night.

We have a copy; here it is. It is the final draft of a document being developed by the DH called ‘Towards Service Excellence’.


In any other setting it would be comical in that it recognises what we all know; GPs can’t commission healthcare or run commissioning. Under the arrangements proposed in the document they will have precious little to do with it. It understands that buying healthcare has to be done at scale and pretty well reinvents SHAs.

PCTs will keep going, providing interim commissioning ‘support’, doing what the GPs know they can’t do, but it is clear that the expectation is they will prepare the way for the private sector to come in and take over most of the commissioning and back office functions and provide a service to several CCGs. An elaborate pathway is mapped out for their entrance. PCTs may have a shot at evolving themselves into commissioning support businesses but they won’t stand a prayer against the McKPMGs of this world.

The document makes depressing reading

Not depressing because it is about the private sector.  Depressing in that it describes a convoluted, wasteful, labyrinthine attempt to stick together the broken fragments of the NHS and put it back on the shelf, where it started.

It has a desperate tone and seems to me to be driven by the knowledge that the NHS is on the brink of a nervous breakdown. If you are a Go-Johnny you won’t like it either. It describes an NHS far removed from LaLa’s original idea.  GPs will have little to do with anything.

I read it more in sorrow than in anger. What a terrible waste of money and time this has been.

As Roy says, take some time, see for yourself what it says and whisper a silent thank you to the brave soul who was hacked-off enough to see if you’re as hacked-off as they are.


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  1. Derby Gripe November 24, 2011 at 3:19 pm Reply

    Excellent stuff!

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