GP surgery with ideas for others to copy



Patients living near Measham, in Derbyshire,  have access to this user-friendly GP surgery.

Although Measham is in the country (near villages with names such as No Mans Heath and Snorestone), the surgery offers services that are an example to inner-city surgeries – with all the access and no TLC on offer.

For instance, They have a patient shuttle bus (see photo) – a first.

Cancer Care service, with a cancer nurse – oh – that my inner-city surgery offered this!

Home Visits for certain patients (anyone remember those?)

And offer what they call Mixed Surgeries:

As they say, “We are now running a new type of surgery, called a mixed surgery, which offers a variety of appointments so that you can choose the type that best suits you.

The appointments you can choose from are:

Telephone consultation : where the Doctor will call you at an agreed time on a either a landline or mobile number. These appointments are appropriate if you do not require an examination or need to see the Doctor face to face. If you need to come to the Surgery after speaking to the Doctor then the Doctor has appointments available for that day or later in the week.

5 minute express appointment: an express appointment is appropriate for the discussion of one easy straightforward problem that can be dealt with in 5 minutes. An express appointment is not appropriate for dealing with complicated or ongoing problems.

10 minute routine appointment : a routine appointment is appropriate for ongoing or more complicated matters.

We are still providing all other types of surgeries such as antenatal and gynae appointments, diabetic clinics, infant welfare, minor operations, extended out of hours, Saturday morning emergency surgeries and HGV medicals.

We hope that the introduction of mixed surgeries provides you with more flexibility and convenience as well as offering you a choice of appointments”.

What else do they offer?

There is a whole list of the things this caring surgery offers – and what caught my eye were:

Travel Clinic: well done;  along with sensible advice on the time you should allow for certain vaccinations to take effect (they say allow up to ten weeks), they also offer rabies preventative vaccination.  With this horrible disease coming nearer and nearer to Britain, it makes sense for anyone going camping in Europe (especially in France and behind the ‘old’ Iron Curtain) to have this.

Patient Shuttle Bus:  patients often come from many small villages with no transport.  But thanks to a generous donation from a patient, Barbara Boardman-Weston, it now has its own fully-adapted bus to pick up disabled and elderly patients and bring them in to the surgery.

Campaigns:  this surgery obviously believes in supporting its community, and the website has details of a successful campaign locally to save a service.

Aspirin:  with all that is being written about aspirin in the media, there is sensible advice about what you should know.

Carers sessions.

Amenity Fund to lend items of equipment.  This is funded by donations from patients.

Intercare that distributes those medicines which we are told to stop taking.

This last service seems such a good idea.  How often are we told  ‘I am changing your medication.  Stop taking XXX”  and you wonder why you are supposed to throw money away along with the pills you are no longer prescribed.  Well, at this surgery they distribute them abroad – such a good idea.

To see more, and get ideas of services you might like to suggest for your surgery:

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