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Where does

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This October, before you open your purse to give  money for cancer – THINK.

When the Estée Lauder company started the pink ribbon awareness campaign, this was a a genuine attempt to give something for cancer charities and to help women.

Since then the company has helped raise awareness, giving money for research and helping in practical ways all over the world e.g. latest idea is donating money for poor women in Singapore to receive mammograms.

But – rival companies have swung onto the bandwagon, and today, when you go into any store in October, counters shout ‘buy pink’ for just about anything and everything.  And with many offers, there is no guarantee that cancer charities will get even a tiny smidgeon of a donation.

So before you get generous, ask the counter staff how much of the retail price is going to charity.  Dead give-away is if they start to fudge the issue.  Yet if you ask Estée Lauder staff they are generally very knowledgeable, and many that you talk to will regularly donate their precious time off to helping with Look Good, Feel Better.

Here are some of my favourite companies whom I know are helpful (in alphabetical order!)


Not only does this  company make products that really help our ‘druggie’ skin, but they have done their homework, saying “Did you know that each year 50,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer in the UK? That’s equivalent to one person every ten minutes”.

Elemis  have created a Think Pink Beauty Kit in a practical waterproof bag, containing   3 hero skincare products, and presented in the ‘think pink’ cube beauty case – handy for travelling.  It contains:

  • Pro-Collagen Marine Cream – one of my favourites for the face
  • Skin Nourishing shower gel
  • Elemis Pro-Collagen Lifting Treatment Neck and Bust ‘Boob Tube’ 15ml
    Take daily action to protect delicate areas of the neck and bust with this powerful solution for slackening skin. This lifting treatment helps to minimise the signs of ageing to create a smoother, firmer youthful looking neck and bust.  Applying this product daily is the perfect excuse to follow the Elemis 5 Step Breast Check to make sure you are more aware of how your breasts look and feel.

Price £29.50 of which £10 goes to Breast Cancer Care.

Estee Lauder

Evelyn Lauder, Senior Corporate Vice President, the Estee Lauder Companies and Founder of the Breast Cancer Research Foundation realised that women of the world needed a voice,  so  initiated The Estée Lauder Companies’ annual Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign.

The company has raised millions for breast cancer around the world, and say that if detected early, it’s 98% curable.  In 1992, Evelyn H. Lauder, together with Alexandra Penney, then Editor-in-Chief of SELF magazine, co-created the Pink Ribbon that today has become the worldwide symbol of breast health.

The Company began publicizing the symbol by distributing Pink Ribbons at The Estée Lauder Companies’ cosmetic counters. During October, 15 of the Company’s brands sell Pink Ribbon Products in support of their contributions to BCRF.

And if you feel you must have a pink ribbon, buy an original – the Estee Lauder Jewelled Pink Ribbon Pin, £10 at stores nationwide.  Net proceeds from sales of this pretty brooch go to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

One of the Estée Lauder brands is Clinique, which is very much geared towards providing the right products for those of us undergoing treatment, or who have horrible skin problems.

Their wonderful body creams and moisturisers were balm to my poor skin at the beginning, and are still providing help.

But for sheer fun as well as practicality, what about this darling Clinique key ring (left) with three very helpful lip glosses.

With winter coming, I find I have to slap on the lippie every hour, and am always losing glosses in the bottom of my handbag.  I also keep losing keys – but now the two are combined together, and are easy to find.  £15.

Look out for other Clinique products that are helpful for us;  many are on special offer, depending on where you live.





DuWop Purse Your Lips
This U.S. brand is giving £10 per purchase of their miniature purse and lip shimmer to the Pink Ribbon Foundation. It comes with Pink Shimmer Lip Venom, the famous gloss that uses a blend of essential oils, including cinnamon, wintergreen, and ginger, to cause blood to rush to the ­surface of the lips, flushing and swelling them slightly. £17.50

OPI Pink of Hearts nail polish
A new shade created by OPI and Lena White to raise money for breast cancer charities, this is a lovely shimmering pink from the masters of nail care. For every nail polish sold, £2 will go to Breast Cancer Campaign.  £9.95

Mavala The Little Pink Box
A great-value box of goodies from the natural nailcare specialists. Includes three of the brand’s best-selling pink nail polishes: Riga, pale and natural; La Paz, bright and bold; and Gstaad, sparkly and perfect for nights out. £1 from each sale goes to the Breast Cancer Campaign.   From major Lloyds Pharmacies and stores  £9.95.


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One thought on “Think before you buy 'pink'

  1. Mat October 5, 2011 at 3:00 pm Reply

    Cancer is not just a pink issue… There are hundreds of different cancers and variants.

    Breast cancer and the colour pink have come to dominate the ‘cancer market’. In the meantime, others go without. Breast Cancer care and research are positively gold plated in comparison with care and research for sufferers of other cancers. Those others are women, children and men.

    Please can we shift cancer awareness away from the ‘trendy’ pink agenda. Cancer can be a form of living and dying hell that does not care if you are young or old, man or woman, black or white.

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