Pixley Blackcurrants

Blackcurrants burst out


When I try out a blackcurrant drink, that actually tastes of blackcurrant, I almost believe in Fairy Folk.

I am sure you are as fed up as I am with all the ‘new’ flavours  one’s tongue gets assaulted with.

Manufacturers today can’t leave old-fashioned tastes alone, and everything I am sent is ‘improved’.

My tongue is still lac erated from some evil brew I was sent, guaranteed to fill me up with flavonoids, anti-oxidants and anything else the PR boys could come up with, but tasting evil.

So when I was round discussing wines with Rosamund Barton, of R & R Teamwork (she knows her vintages), and she said she was drinking a ‘new’ fruit drink, my ears pricked up.  Thrusting a bottle of Pixley Blackcurrant and Ginger in my hands, I couldn’t wait to try it out.

Sure enough – it actually did taste of Blackcurrants.

Edward the Cordial

How on earch Edward Thompson (known as Edward The Cordial) manages to get a production line going to make enough of the stuff for all fans, but still keep the taste – must be a secret known to Hereford Pixies.

Anyway, it’s good.

Edward is the messianic brains behind the whole operation. He’s passionate about the environment and about creating fruit with real flavour – blackcurrants, apples, raspberries and hops.

He’s also prepared to take risks as seen by his replanting programme, bringing in new blackcurrant varieties, which thrive in our globally warmed climate.

His forward thinking is also shown by the commissioning of his own ‘Pressoir’, the only blackcurrant grower in Britain to be entirely vertically integrated and in control of every element of his production, from the soil to the shelf.
All in all he takes as much care with his fruit cordials as a wine-maker does with his wines.

How I ‘use’ it

It comes to us all – medicine fatigue.  I keep on looking for new ways to disguise the powder Cacit-D for my osteoporosis;  last week I mixed it with tomato juice and that was the worst mistake of all time.  It fizzed up and left a gunky mass of curdling tomato in the glass – Ugh.

But this week I have mixed up a Pixley Blackberry drink, and it is delicious.  The Blackberries can more than hold their own with the powder, and the Ginger seems to give my medicine the extra oomph.

Rosamund suggests a Hot Toddy in the winter;  I would also think it could make a wonderful Kir;  Pixley uses it in fruit and spirit jellies – have fun!

Where can you buy this?

It’s £3.99 for 500 ml bottle (diluted it makes 16 servings of 44 calories each)


  • Waitrose stores nationally


  • Ocado, Online Groceries


  • Co-op Stores across the West Midlands
  1. Health food shops across the West Midlands
  • Farm shops across the West Midlands


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2 thoughts on “Pixley Blackcurrants

  1. Rosamund Barton September 24, 2011 at 7:52 pm Reply

    We also use the pure blackcurrant Pixley to add a fruity, sweet splash to a meat gravy instead of red wine!

    • Verite Reily Collins September 24, 2011 at 9:22 pm Reply

      Like it – and good tip for those who don’t drink.

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