It's Patients' Week – and hospital food shows signs of improvement


Putting the ‘oooh’

back into food

Do you remember when you were young, and ill in bed – your Mum coming in with a tray with lots of tempting food?

Well, thanks to James Martin and other brave chefs, Danielle Faulkner of British Food Fortnight says,

“there has been a significant uptake of hospitals taking part in British Food Fortnight this year.


Chelsea and Westminster Hospital had a fruit cart outside the door;  sadly, with the cold weather this has disappeared, but whilst it was there friends could buy small packets of delicious peaches, cherries, bananas and other fruit, hygienically wrapped, and easy to carry in to patients.

Perhaps the Governors might be a bit more pro-active and give the vendor permission to operate inside the hospital?  After all, they permit flowers to be sold inside the foyer.

Some of the hospitals who have been in contact with British Food Fortnight include:

  • Roseberry Park Hospital
  • Royal Brompton Hospital
  • Countess of Chester Hospital
  • Southmead Hospital
  • Basildon Hospital

although many more take part too!

British Food Fortnight

Next year dates 27 July – 12 Aug  –   during the Olympics!

If you want to improve your hospital food, keep on at Governors.

Make them realise you are worried about the amount of hospital food that is thrown away.

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