Elemis provides emergency rescue for rough skin patches

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Elemis got big by bothering


~ about showering


Amongst the ‘big boys’ from USA and now France, the British skincare company Elemis is making great strides, particularly when providing creams that help with problem skin produced by drug side effects.  Once we had so many companies:  Cyclax, Yardley, etc., but now most seem to have been absorbed into other companies.  Instead, to take their place comes Elemis.

For some time I have been using their products to help with scaly skin, rough patches and itchy dry skin, and each time they have come up trumps.

Latest in their line of helpful products are a range for baths, which have been helpful with zapping patches of dry skin.  Don’t know what it is, but every time the docs. put me on a different drug, my skin tries to burst out.  So rescue remedies are called for – and these have been very helpful whenever I shower:

Note:  all prices are regular prices, but currently Debenhams have an Elemis sale online.


Tranquil Touch Body Polish

Gentler than a body scrub, it still does the job of getting rid of rough patches.  Might be because apparently contains ‘a natural rice exfoliator’.  Well, you live and learn, but it is very helpful.  £16

Tranquil Touch Creamy Body Wash

Does just what it says on the label, and my bottle has lasted – so I don’t seem to need to much when I shower.  £18.40

Cellutox Active Body Oil

During what little summer we had, I became lazy and didn’t want to spend minutes massaging in body butters or lotions – so went for oils, and this Elemis one is a treat.  It has kept my skin moisturised, so when we had what little sun we got, I didn’t need to put on after-sun cream because my skin was soft enough.  £27.70

And finally, amongst one of my ‘goodie bags’, was a little bottle of their Quiet Mind Temple Balm. I take it into meetings, place it in front of me, and just looking at it soothes me.  Talk about mind over matter!!

Think Pink Beauty Kit

And Finally, every year Elemis produce a goodie bag exclusively for  Breast Cancer Awareness month in October.  The company are massive supporters, and pledge £10,000 to help continue their incredible work that offers support and information to anyone who is affected by breast cancer.   So look for the bright, brigh pink bags on beauty counters, and help the charity.


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