Oils are nature's oldest beauty secret

Almond blossom

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The problem~

that turned into a present!


It was a friend’s birthday, and I wanted to get her something Provencal, as that is her favourite part of France.

I had written about L’Occitane products in the past – so thought a box of their gorgeous ‘goodies’ was the right thing.

But nearly an hour later I was beginning to regret my decision, as their website just wouldn’t accept anything I inputted.  It was just behaving as websites can do – but IT guys swears never happens.

Worried that I might have inadvertently set all sorts of dire things in motion (such as multiple orders) I phoned them next morning.  Got through to Joelle, who was a genuine human being, not a call centre.  She was incredibly efficient, anxiously talked me through the process and assured me that they were very, very sorry.

Two days later, the postman delivered a lovely box of goodies from L’Occitane, with a delightful letter of apology from the ECommerce Manager (not an ‘executive’) Gaelle Debauge.   This was really old-fashioned service, and I only wish some of the other companies that have website problems would copy their kindness and efficiency.

Why can’t doctors help with our hair?

They say women’s hair is our crowning glory – well, after cancer this couldn’t be further from the truth.  Each Dermatologist I meet up with, I ask what can I do about my ‘druggie hair?’  They all look bored.  I even found out this week that some of the drugs we are put on actually leach out our hair colour.  I couldn’t work out why my mousey-blonde hair was colourless;  thought it had gone white, but realised it was just a faded version of my normal colour.

Reading an information sheet included in a Sanofi-Aventis drug, this said that one of side effects was loss of hair colour.  How French !  Of course being a French drug company, where the medical profession cares much more about women, they included this vital piece of information – why do French pharma companies bother about women – yet the British  couldn’t care less? I still smart when I remember the patronising NHS dermatologist who told me, “try a conditioner”;  this was the only suggestion he could make,  as if I might never have thought of this.

Now the good news – Oils can help

L'Occitane Shower Oil

Amongst the goodies L’Occitane sent me was a lovely Almond Shower Oil.  I had to wash my hair, so tried my current trick of rubbing some oil in first before shampooing;  my ‘straw hair’ feels better already.  Although the oil was supposed to be for showering – it did the trick!  Since then I have used the Oil as a a shampoo, and my hair is much softer.

Now I know that worked, I am off to their shop near me to check out their range of oils.

Next time I will rub their oil in before I go to bed (it doesn’t stain my pillow provided I just rub in a little);  then, when I shampoo my hair the next morning, it’s much softer.  If I really want to make it shine, or am going to be out in the sun, I pour a little oil on the palms of my hands, and smooth this over my hair, and it glistens!

The company has several outlets in Britain, or you can order online (Joelle promises it was only a temporary glitch!)

You can order on QVC, or go to www.loccitane.com/uk





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