NICE approves cancer skin care product

Cancer patients get Anthelios XL SPF 50+

factor suncream on prescription


NICE gets really ‘nice’ !

and has finally approved the first of the La Roche-Posay skin treatment                                                                          creams, that zap nasty painful rough skin we get as drug side effects.

Sitting on my desk is a precious tube of ANTHELIOS 50+ cream, with a high SPF and lovely ‘melt in’ texture, which means it doesn’t leave a white film on my skin.

I had to get this approved by my dermatologist, then take her note to my NHS GP, who issued the precious prescription.

The good news is that it is now on my ‘repeat prescription’ form, so I can order more.  All I need is some sun instead of eternal downpours!

Every day use

Unlike many suncreams, this absorbs easily and can be used every day, whatever the weather, as there are still harmful rays even on dull days.  Top beauty therapists’ favourite tip is to wear anti-sun cream EVERY, and one therapist told me “I even wear it on Christmas Day”.

As Anthelios is made from top ingredients, it does your skin good, rather than just barring sun’s rays from penetrating;  so it is like using a skincare cream.

Made by La Roche Posay, it was developed at the French medical spa centre for skincare.  And the lovely thing is, like French cancer patients, we can now get this on free prescription.


Legend has it that Bertrand Du Guesclin, High Constable during the reign of of the French king Charles V, discovered the La Roche-Posay springs on his way home from Spanish campaigns at the end of the 14th century.

As he stopped at La Roche-Posay’s spring to quench his thirst, his horse, which suffered from eczema, plunged into the water and came out cured!!!!

Well, that’s the legend, but the fact is that over 10,000 patients go to the medical spa here every year for help with skincare problems, including me.  When I developed bloody skin lesions all over my body, I was told that these were due “to your age”.

So I went to France, where the La Roche Posay centre worked their magic, and restored my skin.

What more?

The company makes a vast range of skincare products for everything from eczema to proriasis.  Next on the list to be NICE approved is probably Lipikar body lotion, which I have found excellent for a general body lotion, although we are supposed to use the Toleraine range.

If you have skin problems from drug side effects, get your doctor prescribing Anthelios first.  This may cause problems, as some doctors aren’t going to take happily to the notion that we need help with horrible skin: dealing with this is seen as ‘cosmetic’, and therefore not something that should concern doctors.

In France the attitude is that if dry skin is making life a misery, then you get La Roche-Posay to help you stay on the drugs, and to counteract skin lesions, etc.

Then, once your doctor is prescribing – keep on asking when Lipikar and other creams get NICE approval, so you can be first in the queue!

Eventually we might get the same treatment as the French, who incidentally live longer after cancer because their doctors help them stay on drugs by sorting out side effects.  In Britain it was just suggested I might come off drugs, and I was regarded as ‘strange’ because I said I wanted to stay on them and reap the benefits.

For the technical minded – and your Doctor:

Breakthrough Technology
New Anthelios 50 Mineral with Cell-Ox Shield™: a patent pending combination of mineral sun filter and powerful anti-oxidant complex to further protect your skin, even at the cellular level.
Recommended for  all skin types


High UVA protection & SPF 50 for outdoor use
Broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection
Photostable, long-lasting protection
Light, satin finish
Fragrance-free, PABA-free
Safe for Sensitive skin

Anthelios SX is the moisturizer with Mexoryl SX offering a high level of protection against UVA rays, the No. 1 cause of skin aging.
Anthelios SX is a light, non-greasy, fragrance-free formula. It is allergy-tested, PABA-free, suitable for sensitive skin and offers 24-hour hydration. Anthelios SX has complete broad spectrum protection.
Anthelios SX features Mexoryl SX, the 1st sun filter in a sunscreen approved by the FDA in 18 years

Anthelios SX has an exclusive combination of three sun filters:                                                                                  Octocrylene protects against UVB rays.
Parsol 1789 (avobenzone) protects against long UVA rays and is stabilized by Octocrylene.
Mexoryl SX, the only FDA approved sun filter 1 that fills the gap in sun protection in the US 2
1: in a sunscreen formula
2: fills the gap in the short UVA range

For maximum results, apply liberally to face, neck décolletté, hands, and other exposed areas of the body, especially the tops of your ears !

1. Wear a sunscreen that has a high level of protection against UVA rays and at least an SPF 15.
2. Use sun protection daily, even if it is cold or cloudy outside!
3. Visit your dermatologist for an annual check-up and notify him/her immediately if you notice change or discoloration in a mole, which can be an early sign of skin cancer.

1. Forget to apply sunscreen on those often forgotten areas: the hands, décolleté, neck, and ears.
2. Scrimp when applying sunscreen. Most people don’t use enough! Apply 30 minutes before sun exposure.
3. Forget that SPF measures protection against UVB rays only, and not UVA rays. Look for ingredients that offer high UVA protection as well.

Visiting the Medical Spa





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  1. Irene July 21, 2011 at 6:24 pm Reply

    Thx for sharing…..fab news!!!
    Keep up the sterling work V… it…and appreciate it…

  2. Irene July 29, 2011 at 10:19 pm Reply

    Developed skin rash on face and chest since my latest chemo drugs…will get referral to dermatologist…armed with this article of course

    Thx…you are a STAR

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