Luxury skincare Brands help cancer patients' skin

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There comes a time when the Consultants have unleashed their latest drug, and your skin just gives up trying to cope with horrible dry, scratchy skin.

This is when we need to go for really strong, up-market luxury skincare.

And QVC has come in with some really good deals for products, such as Shiseido and Elemis, that saves when buying.  I have been trying these out, and loving the little extra gifts I have been getting whenever I place an order.


Shiseido is saving my face

Japanese skincare relies very much on solid research, and Shiseido makes a very good range that is ideal for zapping problems caused by drug side effects.

The latest ‘wonder drug’ has bought me out with ‘brillo pad’ skin, and I have been trying out products in the Shiseido Benefiance Range. 

Wrinkle Resist Night Emulsion is a very light serum/lotion, that I pat over my face at night, and it has totally restored my skin.  £59 approx.

During the day I have been using the Firming Massage Mask which very gently gets rid of the rough patches on my face, and has restored my skin to its smooth feel.  Like an advert, I keep on feeling my face to ensure the rough skin has still disappeared, and the lovely soft skin is there – it is!                        £46 approx.

When buying skincare to help deal with with drug side effects, look for the words ‘anti-aging’.  These products don’t stop age effects, but they do go a long way to helping restore your skin, and even if you are a teenager, what helps older skin will also help with zapping dry skin.


Elemis rescues my body skin

It doesn’t matter what problems I have with my body skin, Elemis always comes to the rescue.

Before I go off on holiday, I take time out to have a full body massage at the local Elemis centre;  their flagship centre in Lancashire Court, tucked away behind Bond Street in London is the best way of winding down I know.  Then I make sure I have their bath products with me, which are always useful to get rid of problem skin caused by drug side effects.

Their Tranquil Touch Body Polish is one of the gentlest, but most effective body exfoliating creams, and a must if you are going to use a fake tan, as it gives you lovely smooth skin as a base to tan.

After a bath or shower I ALWAYS  rub in a lotion or oil, such as Elemis’ latest  Cullutox Active Body Oil.  This is especially suitable if you don’t want a too-oily product, as it soaks in immediately.  I had my regular visit to my Dermatologist yesterday, and she had a Spanish doctor in her office, on an exchange visit.  Elemis should have taken a bow, as they were remarking how lovely and soft my skin looked!  In Spain the women use a body oil or lotion as a matter of course every day – it only we did this in Britain we might not see so many raddled and wrinkled old skins!

If you go on the QVC website you will see special offers for all Elemis’ popular products, ranging from £24 upwards.


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One thought on “Luxury skincare Brands help cancer patients' skin

  1. Irene July 20, 2011 at 12:09 am Reply

    Fully agree….use Elemis (bodycare) and Decleor (facial care) prods right now. I buy Elemis online….special offers at
    I x

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