You are not alone with skin side effects

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Helping your skin

We can all feel depressed – particularly when we face yet another skin problem during and after cancer treatment.

Before cancer I wrote about skincare, and realised how important it is to ensure your skin (male or female) is in tip-top condition.  It is our largest organ, and needs looking after.

It’s not vanity – it is common-sense to ensure you skin is as blemish-free as possible, with no cracks or lesions that can make you vulnerable to dirt, infection, etc.

And if you feel good and look good – your survivorship pattern will be improved.

What started this website was the callous indifference I experienced from doctors, particularly those who should have know better and been there to help me, not make me feel I was making a fuss about nothing, when I asked what I could do about massive skin problems.

But when a big bully of a dermatologist at a major cancer centre in London told me blisters and skin lesions that appeared overnight were “due to your age“,  I realised that the tales I had heard from other patients were true, and some doctors seem to delight in making one feel small and that we complain over nothing.  Well, if we don’t look after skin properly we get problems.

So started this website, and found patients all over the world sometimes have to put up with the same indifference.

This video shows we are not alone:

The women in this video are discussing a particular brand of skincare, but what they say can refer to any brand that has been properly developed.  On this website I mention different companies’ products, and those such as La Roche Posay, iS Clinical, Evoskin, Clinique, Dr. Bragi etc. have been developed by dermatologists and doctors specifically for cancer patients, and many products have gone through tough clinical trials.

So don’t think you are being vain when looking after your skin.  If you don’t look after it, you could be laying yourself open to infection, certainly wrinkles and other signs of ageing.

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