It's summer – just don't forget your skin



The weather is warm -and

you still need to protect your skin

Just because it is summer, people often think they don’t need to moisturise their skin.

And they spend so much time in water they think they don’t need to have a shower.

But the drugs – and remnants of them – stay inside us for ages; they are still beavering away, drying out what little moisture we possess.

So don’t neglect to look after your body skin, even if you mostly stay covered up and out of the sun.  Apart from drugs working inside, the air temperature (without any rain to add moisture) will dry us up, and who wants to look like a shrivelled prune when they get older?

Recently there have been some horrendous celeb photos of actresses who used to tan all over as a way of looking more glamorous.  I won’t name any:  that would be cruel, but I am sure you have seen umpteen ones recently.  They are not a pretty sight but serve as a warning to be careful!

And make sure you skin isn’t short of moisturising!

Sanex has bathing covered!

Besides keeping your skin moisturised from within, it’s important that you also keep it supple from the outside, and Sanex now makes a range of bath and shower products for different skin types that help counter this problem.

Your skin normally holds 20% of all body water. Dry skin means that you have highly reduced levels of water, and that’s why it looks dull and lifeless. And although you can’t see it, dryness also weakens your skin’s protective layer and causes you to lose more internal water through evaporation.

Sanex has done a lot of research into this problem, and I was particularly impressed with their research which has come up with Dermo Active 3 Complex* which works with your skin to offer the 3 key benefits to keep skin healthy: protection, moisturizing and rebalance.

This complex delivers skin protection by helping to maintain its natural pH and the right skin flora and thus improving skin barrier. It also reinforces the effect of skin Natural Moisturising Factor for a well hydrated and soft skin. Rebalance is achieved by restoring skin’s natural balance. Besides, Dermo Active 3 Complex* has been approved by dermatologists.

Their product that worked best for me was New Sanex Dermo Intensive  bath gel,  a gentle bath formulation containing Vitamin E which helps leave you and your skin feeling moisturised and comfortable.

* Patent pending

The prices are as follows:

All 250ml RRP: £1.89
All 500ml RRP: £3.19
650ML bath RRP:£3.19

Re: bath products, all the products are available in a bath format except for the Pro Hydrate variant

Know your skin type?  Want 50p off next purchase?  Go to
That’s why to keep your skin balanced, it’s important to moisturise your skin every day with products that protect and enhance dry skin effectively.  And I have been trying out a bath oil, which not only smells gorgeous but is a multi-purpose product.

Neom Organic Bath Oils

A friend had told me about these oils, and when I poured some into a bath and sank back – it was pure bliss.  And got me thinking:

The oils tick all the boxes for kindness to skin;
if you are like me, and go for floral scents,they come
scented with roses, lavender, lemons and other
plants and flowers that were often used in medicine.

By the time I reluctantly had dragged myself out of the bath,    I was wondering if the oil would help my hair – which has gone back to ‘straw’ thanks to the latest drug I am taking.

Pouring a few drops into the palm of my hand, I wiped this over my hair – and instant shine!  It is not a deep treatment, but for a quick fix when you want to smooth down hair, it works marvels.

Next day it was boiling hot, and I didn’t fancy smoothing one of my usual thickish body lotions all over.  The oil was there, so again I put some into the palm of my hand and this time smoothed it all over my body.

This was an instant hit;  I smelt gorgeous with the lightest scent, my skin was very smooth and even during the evening the dry, itchy patches that can turn up had disappeared.  During the hot weather we have been having recently I have been using this all over, every day, and it makes a lovely light alternative.   £32 for a 100 ml bottle.

And finally ……

We all tend to forget our lips, but they can really suffer from sun, hot abrasive winds, and dry atmosphere.

I have been trying out a lovely product called Calm Balm.
It comes in two ‘flavours’, and I opted for the Peppermint one. It glides on, and each time I use it I can feel the balm doing good.
The interesting thing about this product is it is also good for nails, and cuticles, particularly for ridges and other nasties.    £5.50

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2 thoughts on “It's summer – just don't forget your skin

  1. Irene July 6, 2011 at 2:24 pm Reply

    scrumptious…delicious… true!!!!!
    My body favours Dove shower creme followed by a with moisturising lotion that you put on whilst still wet and shower off……very nourishing!! My feet love Elemis Tea Tree SOS and alternate between Bria Organic Balm to relieve, repair & replenish and JML EARTH To Skin Heeltastic !!!!
    My hands are into L’Occitane Fleurs de Cerises.
    Face is treated to Decleor Products and aching muscles to Elemis Body Solutions Musclease and Body Performance instant Refreshing Gel.
    As a special all over treat Elemis Exotic Frangipani Monoi -Moisture Melt – heavenly!!

    • Verite Reily Collins July 7, 2011 at 9:13 am Reply

      You are a woman after my own heart. Why don’t we get ‘girl talk’ from nurses who might suggest different products to us? Exchanging things like this is fun, and often we get help by talking to each other. And in today’s litigation climate I can’t think that any well-known company is going to include ‘nasties’ in any product. I like all the companies you mention, but next time I go on a spending spree am going to try them out.

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