Don't pop pills for joint pain – rub on a gel

Doctors love to prescribe pills – but there is a better solution


I have a wonderful private doctor, whom I go to when all else fails;  he is  expensive, otherwise I would go to him every time.

The reason for this is he spends time talking to you – to find out why you are there and discuss possible solutions.

Seldom will he reach for the prescription pad – instead he tries to work out an answer to your problem.

Over lunch the other day I met a similar doctor;  he talked, and made it clear that there were other solutions to help with pain, rather than the ‘newest’ anti-pain tablet.  His ideas tallied with my disquiet about popping pills when I have a pain.     I feel that I should find out what causes this;  not mask it with an opiate.

The NHS is fast becoming the National Help-yourself service, particularly when it comes to pain, and sometimes the solutions we find for ourselves can be more helpful than a pill.

Reports say that pain clinics are feeling the freeze, and waiting times are getting longer for those lucky enough to find their hospital still has such a clinic.  If you do finally get to see someone, they turn out to be ‘paper pushers’ – and come out with my most-hated phrase: “on a scale of 1 – 10 how much would you say it hurts?”

I had polio, and my darling Polio Consultant, Prof. Guiloff,  NEVER asks me such a stupid question.  His attitude is if a polio patient says it hurts – they say this for a reason.  And you can’t tell how you feel by numbers.    However, when in pain, we often sub-consciously rub the affected part;  or when a child hurts themselves, we will say “let me rub it better”.

So when dealing with Joint Pain, it can make sense to rub in a gel, rather than take another pill – whose side effects might cause more problems.   And at lunch the doctor suggested I try rubbing in a gel called Deep Relief.

Deep Relief worked like a charm on my aching joints .

As the pain comes and goes, it doesn’t last long enough for me to still be in pain by the time I have waited to see a doctor.    But now, when I feel the first twinges, I rub in the gel;  I did this five minutes ago when my shoulder started to throb;  now it is perfectly calm and no pain at all.

However, when patients ask about different forms of pain relief, other than pills, we can face hostility.  So it was doubly reassuring to talk to this doctor and find out that he didn’t like pain killers either.  He was concerned that it was possible to cause liver damage if you became addicted, or get gastric inflammation.

When I left hospital after my lumpectomy, I was handed a big box containing 100 Tylex, but didn’t take one.  Apparently the NHS spent £91 million last year on prescriptions for pain relief, yet I wonder how many boxes are lying unused in the back of cupboards?  Different painkillers work differently on different people, but when you try and talk sensibly to a doctor about definite pains you are experiencing, how often do they take time to work out what is the cause?  Instead – they reach for the prescription pad, and sometimes you end up with a pill that makes you very sick.

Deep Relief is a topical gel which provides a combination of ibuprofen and levomenthol, which helps it to be rapidly absorbed through the skin.  It is made by Rohto, the same company that makes Regenovex (article on this site).

Basically they say that Deep Relief is ia for relief of rheumatic pain and muscular aches, pains and swellings such as strains, sprains and sports injuries, also mild arthritis.

Regenovex is for joint pain, but if you are allergic to seafood then Deep Relief works just as well for me.


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One thought on “Don't pop pills for joint pain – rub on a gel

  1. Irene June 26, 2011 at 1:18 pm Reply

    You are absolutely right, how many £ wasted up unused pain relief??
    I was with a group of elderly ladies a few weeks pack all sporting small acupuncture pens for pain relief – available on NHS…. hold the pen at source of pain, click…click… relief!! I tried one on my shoulder – pain gone-albeit temporarily. I say ‘Lets challenge the drug company profits’
    Going to request a pen on NHS, let u know….x

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