From Incurable to Incredible

“From Incurable to Incredible”

has been named a finalist in the Health: Cancer category of the International Book Awards!

The book features stories of  27 cancer survivors who were given a terminal diagnosis, but shocked everyone by thriving years past their prognoses.  These survivors have different cancers and circumstances, but share two things: a poor prognosis and incredible drive to overcome it.

Telling their stories are:

Doug Ulman, president and CEO of the Lance Armstrong Foundation and three-time survivor, who shares his story and how LAF helps and continues to assist cancer survivors.
Buzz Sheffield, whose faith and service has kept him healthy and active five years after he was told he had three months to live.

Dave Massey, who in 1986 and again in 1997, was given six months to live. Today, he runs marathons and speaks at cancer centers nationwide to spread his message of hope.

Paul Falk, diagnosed 23 years ago at age 9 with acute leukemia, describes how his doctors wondered if he would survive two weeks. A year later, he wowed everyone by becoming the personal guest of then Vice President George H.W. Bush.
Steve Scott, a Stage IV colon cancer survivor who was told by five doctors he was going to die. Five years later, he is cancer-free and embarking on a new exciting new life.

Cathy Wolfe, who was diagnosed with ovarian cancer while pregnant with her second child. She was determined to have her baby despite overwhelming dangers and obstacles. Today she and her teenage son are living proof her determination was worth it.

Paperback versions available for purchase on this site,, select bookstores and medical center gift shops.
Ten percent of the author’s proceeds will go to the Lance Armstrong Foundation

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