Zapping Joint Pain for cancer sufferers

Regenovex helped me walk more easily


Joint pain is one of the most prevalent but dreaded side effects of drugs – and can really drag you down.

As a survivor, you think treatment is over – then you start to feel pain in places you didn’t know existed.

When we fill out those medical questionnaires, apparently ‘Do you suffer from joint pain’ has more ticks than most other categories – so it affects many of us.  Doctors come up with all sorts of solutions;  often it is ‘buy this supplement over the counter’, and you just wonder if you are buying the right thing.

So when Mentholatum, who have produced helpful products for eyes (Rohto),  Mouth Ulcers (Algopain-eze) and Lymphoedemia (Deep Freeze), which I have written about elsewhere, come up with little capsules for joint pain – I gave them a try.

Warning! I am NOT a doctor, only a patient!  So I can’t tell you any medical reason for these capsules to work, but I can say they are helping me enormously.  The latest drug I am on has produced bad joint pain in places I didn’t know I had joints, and I have been hobbling around.Today, I suddenly realised I wasn’t having to favour any joints – they seemed to be working properly.  I tried out a few moves – went further, and have discovered that things are feeling much, much better!

So why the relief?
Probably the best place to get answers is to go on to
and see what their panel of specialists has to say:

  • Dr. Jane Griffin, whose patients include many of the UK’s top rugby players, England Women’s Golf Assn. and the British Olympic Association.
  • Dr. Dominic Radford, another sports specialist,
  • Dr. Gill Jenkins who is apractising GP with an interest in rheumatology and bones,
  • and Sally Evans, a top Physio who works with the England Rugby players, as well as being an expert in musculoskeletal profiling.

I was lucky enough to meet up with this panel, whose sensible advice included the need to eat one – two portions of oily fish a week, but no more (problems with contaminants/pollutants).

However, they warn you MUST NOT take Regenovox if you are allergic to seafood.

They pointed out thatRegenovex contained Natural Marine Bionovex Oil, a pure marine oil derived from New Zealand Green Lipped Mussels – we are hearing a lot about benefits from these.

They told a group of us that Regenovex Capsules have been designed to help maintain daily joint health.
Their “unique, technically advanced formulation contains two functional ingredients from natural sources:
Marine Bionovex® oil + Hyaluronic Acid (HA).

  • An advanced formulation designed for joint health
  • Functional ingredients from natural sources
  • Small gelatin free softgel capsules
  • Free from artificial colours, preservatives, yeast, sugar
  • Convenient and easy to swallow

And I can’t promise you will be able to copy the figures below – but you never know!




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One thought on “Zapping Joint Pain for cancer sufferers

  1. p ridout June 4, 2011 at 5:38 pm Reply

    so having had 4 primary cancers and being assurred my lymphoedema would not improve ,kitted out with all sorts of compression bandages .taking antibotics for over three years i took a lot of lsd it is gone…i am getting better…the truth please e mail if any further info is required 9 years suffering cancer a long haul all gone .i also like to cycle . dont get anywhere with being lazy yes there are pains but they get better….i am not mad and have a getting better life rah

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