Are you daft as a brush? Join a charity helping cancer patients

Launched with a memorable name,                                                                this charity provides sensible help


Cancer patients often have problems getting to hospital for treatment.

If they qualify for patient transport, the buses can pick up early in the

morning, leaving the patient waiting hours once at the hospital.  Then there is the problem of return transport …..

So most patients struggle in by themselves, or if they can’t drive, manage to persuade neighbours to run them in – but there is a limit to the amount of good-will one can ask of friends.

Now, Daft as a Brush charity has been launched, to take patients in comfort, off to hospital in the vehicles you see here.


Does this work?

In the States, there is often a neighbourhood group that will arrange for you to be taken to hospital – and now we have Daft as a Brush for lucky patients in and around Newcaste-upon-Tyne.   Needless to say the vehicles were bought from Nissan, whose factory is just up the road.

Eventually founder Brian Burnie wants to be able to carry 50,000 cancer patients a year – but he is going to need a lot of volunteers, because every vehicle will have a Chauffeur (Brian says they look after people, like the old-fashioned chauffeur, rather than just driving) and a Companion.  This Companion will be able to go with the patient into the hospital, deliver them to right place, and stay with them during treatment if needed.

And no worries about paying daylight-robbery car parking charges!

How it started

Brian used to own Doxford Hall Hotel – and one day he sold it for £9 million, and used the money to found his charity.

Now the charity says, “we are delighted to announce that Daft as a Brush Cancer Patient Care is GO ! Our first two vehicles are on the road…..

As from 4th March 2011 they were in business;  their first 2 vehicles, “Starlight” and “Sparkle” are now on the road.

Their first passenger, Eddie Carson,  wasn’t able to drive due to his treatment, so used the service during his radiotherapy treatment at the Freeman Hospital.

The vehicles will also be available for anyone undergoing Chemotherapy treatment

Now, Daft as a Brush need your help !

Lots of volunteer positions are available, and anyone interested should call 0191 23 28 999 for more details.

The regions to be covered by Daft as a Brush are: Northumberland, North Tyneside and Newcastle upon Tyne.

There would be no charge to the patients for our Service. The service would entail collecting and transporting the patients in a safe and comfortable environment, from where they are living, taking them to where they will be having their treatment. If required staying with the patient whilst they have their treatment and then bringing them back home in readiness for their next course of treatment.

So, if you would like to be involved with Daft as a Brush,

please call into the  office at 3-5 Hood Street, Newcastle upon Tyne

or call 0191 23 28 999.


Registered Charity Number: 328 432 Company Number: 233 3474

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