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Keep our Breast Care Nurses!

‘They’ are going to sack Breast Care Nurses, unless we do something about this.


Remember Andrew Lansley saying he wanted to get rid of the massive amount of Administrators that were over-burdening the NHS?

That was in the early days of his health bill, before we realised he was all talk and no substance.

He sounded good – we all knew there were far too many admin. staff in the NHS, demanding nurses fill out interminable forms, but totally useless.  Only a few realised Administrators were going to have to sack themselves, and that would never happen.

What did happen is Administrators found a clever way out of their dilemma:  say that senior nurses, as they are in charge of a team of other nurses, are Administrators.  So in our area alone 126 senior CSNs, OTs, Breast Care Nurses, etc. face the sack.

You can help save these senior Nurses!

Sign Breast Cancer Care’s petition.

Please go to

Sign – then pass on this link to family and friends and if you use social media, post it on you Facebook and Twitter pages.

And another thing:

Countdown to the elections

Welsh Assembly and Scottish Parliament Elections are in May.  Breast Cancer Care want you to tell them what you want the new Assembly/Parliament to do for people with breast cancer.

They are looking for people who live in Wales and Scotland to send a photo and a short sentence telling them your  priority for the Assembly/Parliament. “We want to build up a page on our website that tells politicians in Wales and Scotland about the different needs and experiences of people affected by breast cancer in these areas”.

“We will circulate a link to the website to candidates standing for election so they can see for themselves some of the things that need to be done. Help us to tell them that breast cancer should be a priority!”

To take part, send a photo of yourself to Tamsin James in their Policy and Campaigns team

and complete the sentence:

‘I would like the next Assembly Government to…’


‘I would like the next Scottish Parliament to…’

They will add your sentences to their website, and ask you to pass this on to any friends or family in Wales and Scotland who you think might be interested in taking part.

Trust me!  Using the Internet in this way is starting to have a big effect on the way politicians think.

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2 thoughts on “Yes – another petition

  1. Irene April 19, 2011 at 3:34 pm Reply

    This man is insane!! The breast care nurses provide the vital day to day links and support crucial on the cancer journey.

    • Verite Reily Collins April 20, 2011 at 12:15 am Reply

      I totally agree – in fact the Dept. Health reminds me totally of Alice in Wonderland and the Mad Hatters Tea Party. How anyone could be so crassly stupid as to get rid of highly trained nurses, and all the money invested in them, beggars belief. Let’s hope anyone reading this will sign the petition, get their friends to do this too, and show the Government it is time they governed – not shuffled papers and people around trying to look as if they know what they are doing – which they don’t.

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