Treats for tired legs

Prettier colours for support tights

Sitting at the bottom of my tights drawer are pairs of grungy-grey support tights.  The colour, reminding me of very old ladies woollen tights dating from the War, is enough to put me off ever wearing them, however, much the nurses say I must.

So when Pretty Polly and Elbeo announced they were making support tights, I was first in the queue to see if they had anything remotely fashionable and wearable.

And they do!

What’s more, the prices are much more reasonable than support tights.

Will they work?

NO – if you have severe oedema you will have to stick with the NHS 1,2 or 3 strengths.

But if, like me, you have had MLD treatment, and are looking for something a little ‘lighter’, these  tights are made in support ‘strengths’ from 6 – 12, or as they say Light (Factor6) up to Extra firm (Factor 12).

Or if you are a nurse, on your feet all day. these could be very useful.

Others, on their feet all day such as airline cabin crew, will also benefit from this type of support.

I am not a doctor or a nurse, so have no idea if the support is what should be required.  All I can say is that when I wear them they give ME support, and as I was having big problems with wearing the NHS-type as my skin is so dry, dry, dry and itchy – this has to be an improvement.  But ask you nurse.

Extra Strength – I wear these when I need support all day.  They are made of a clever honeycomb weave, which lets air in so you don’t have that awful itch when wearing the old type, but are strong enough to give me adequate support.

Knee Highs – these are going to be bliss in the summer.  I am wearing a pair now, and can feel the support, but it’s not intrusive, and as they only go as far as the knee they will be ideal when the weather gets hotter.

Knee Highs with silver – Pretty Polly say ‘silver has been used as a powerful anti-microbial agent for many centuries’.  The socks are treated with silver which they claim ‘controls the development of foot nasties, bacteria and fungus’.

Colours – this is where I fall in love with the tights.  Elbeo’s Café Creme is a lovely colour, and the tights look just like the smartest, most expensive ones you can buy.  Pretty Polly has Sherry – another lovely colour that looks like tan colour tights.  Then they have Barely Black – a smart sheer stocking, and a rich deep brown for opaque tights – very trendy.

No-one would think they were support tights, and the looks varies from the sheerest 15 denier-type, up to a fashionable opaque.

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One thought on “Treats for tired legs

  1. julie stephens March 31, 2011 at 7:43 pm Reply

    These tights and stockings are fine for mild oedema, but for oedema that is increasing they would not hold the pressure/swelling.
    That is why the NHS supplies compression class 1,2,3 depending on the severity of the oedema. Oedema in the legs will always push the boundaries and must be appropriately compression treated
    There is no cure for oedema but it does require daily maintaining by compression or is will continue to make the legs bigger and prevention is better than going there! I know I treat those people !

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