Survivorship – American style

And how Lobbying is paying off


The American Cancer Society (ACS) is currently telling the story of Dave Rose -Brigham Young University men’s basketball team coach, diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

As Erin O’Neill, spokesperson of ACS says, “Rose would discover the path to recovery was paved by thousands of volunteers who pushed Congress for years to
support cancer research.

Now fully recovered, Coach Rose is back to coaching, leading BYU to
its best record ever this season and reaching the NCAA Tournament for
the fourth consecutive year. More importantly, he is one of the nearly
12 million cancer survivors alive in the U.S. today.

Coach Rose’s experience showed him the importance of cancer research.
That’s why, a few months ago, he stood side-by-side with ACS CAN
volunteers in Washington, D.C., urging lawmakers to increase funding
for cancer research.

This video shows what he and other top coaches are doing to ensure congress makes cancer a national priority.

As ACS say, it was yesterday’s cancer research that helped Coach Rose and so
many others find hope. And it is tomorrow’s research that will
lead to future breakthroughs and new hope for future generations.

Then, with a plea to keep up the lobbying:

  • That’s why we can’t let Congress pull back on the fight against cancer.
    It’s why they must continue strong funding for cancer research.
    And it’s why we must continue to make them aware of its lifesaving benefits.

If you live in another country, remember research goes on worldwide, and it is up to us survivors to keep on lobbying to get more funding for research, to keep up the good work and ensure survivor numbers keep on going up!


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