People Power works with Petitions

But Politicians aren’t too happy

I couldn’t resist all the ‘Ps’ – but they are working.  In the good/bad old days, politicians could fob off change by recommending people to “set up a petition”, knowing this would take months of work and trudging the streets for signatures.

Today, thanks to the Internet, it takes hardly any time to gather enough signatures to make a Government sit up and take notice.  Just recently Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall set up a petition to stop the mindless waste caused by EU fishing policies, and within a week had gathered over 600,ooo signatures.  EU politicians, ever-mindful they want to stay on their platinum-plated gravy train, were quick to see where public opinion was going – and currently are behaving in an exemplary fashion debating changes in law.   And so they should.

The Patients’ Association, cancer charities, etc. are now using a website called Surveymonkey – again to gather signatures quickly when getting the Government to act. 

So when I put up a plea for you to sign a petition – I know it is not wasting yours or my time – but has a good chance of actually pushing the government in to doing something WE want.

Latest petition

38 Degrees are a campaigning organisation who have had success with petitions;  most recent was the massive one to save forests from privatisation.  Now they are asking the public what matters to them, and what is next petition going to be for? 

They say “thousands of us have shared our ideas and commented on each others’ suggestions. We’ve analysed all the suggestions and now it’s time to vote to decide what we focus on.  Some of the ideas are NHS-focussed, so

it’s worthwhile adding your signature.

“Votes cast over the next few days will shape what we do together over the next few months. We know that this is a decision that matters – just look at what a difference it made when we decided to work together to save England’s forests!”

So, it’s up to you to decide if 

  • Saving the NHS from cuts and privatisation  or
  • Stopping cuts to disability living allowance?

Is more important to you.


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