Are you in pain?

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Public Attitudes to Pain

The Patients’ Association is calling for the Government to establish a clear care pathway for chronic pain services in the NHS.

And for more work to be done to ensure that patients have all the information they need to make effective and complete decisions about their care in chronic pain.

They also want to see further education provided for healthcare professionals on pain services.

John Pugh, MP for Southport has now tabled an Early Day Motion on the report. An Early Day Motion allows MPs to publically declare their support for a subject or a campaign. The text of the motion can be found here

They would like to ask you to write to your MP to ask them to put their name to the Early Day Motion using a standard letter they have provided. They hope to get enough signatures to be able to make the Government change pain services for the better.

If you plan to write to your MP to ask for their support on this issue, please get in contact with Peter Wasson on 020 8423 9111.

To download the standard letter, please go to

If you suffer from pain, support the Patients’ Association NOW.

With all the cuts in the NHS, unless you are prepared to stand up and demand better pain relief, this will be made more difficult to access – or even ‘fogotten’ altogether.

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