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Put the fair into welfare

 There is no doubt that the Moles are getting agitated along Whitehall.

Any moment now if you go along there looking for rats that Larry might have left, you could come across a little black snout sniffing the air to see if the feline has gone – it’s a mole popping up.

You can rely on the lovely supportive network that exists in Whitehall, to start getting the knives out and sharpening them ready for back-stabbing, but usually this takes about 18 months before mole noses break out above ground.

But La La Lansley and his cohorts have made themselves so unpopular, that things are happening faster than Chris Hoy in pursuit of a cycling medal.

So now is the time to ACT.  Politicians are desperate for good publicity, and will listen to petitions.

Last week the government announced its plans to shake up the benefits system. But what does this mean for people with cancer?

These changes could force thousands of cancer patients and their families into poverty.  More form filling, changes to the way benefits are paid, etc.  That’s why Macmillan has launched a timely campaign to make sure that cancer patients don’t lose vital benefits, in particular Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) and Disability Living Allowance (DLA) .

I see no reason why others, worried about the changes in benefits assessments, can’t join in too.  After all, the bigger the number the more Whitehall will listen.

Macmillan are campaigning to put the FAIR into welFARE.

They know that most people with cancer want to work but often can’t because of their condition or treatment. They may need more time and support to return to work after recovery. Whilst they agree that the benefit system is complex and needs to be simplified, working people who are suddenly diagnosed with cancer should not be left unsupported at a time when they need it most.

What can you do?

Ask your MP to speak out against benefit cuts for cancer patients.

The proposed changes, outlined in the Welfare Reform Bill, can only become law if the bill is approved by Parliament.

And that’s where you come in.

Throughout the year, your MP will have the opportunity to debate, amend and, crucially, vote on the bill.
On 9th March the Bill will be debated in Parliament. This will be our first opportunity to persuade the government that people with cancer must get the support they need.

Email your MP now and ask them to speak out against benefit cuts for cancer patients.  Find their contact quickly and easily on and just click through.

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