Cancer patient wins compensation for discrimination

Police Service of Northern Ireland
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Police Service Northern Ireland (PSNI) pay inspector £55k over post-cancer discrimination

A PSNI Inspector who complained she suffered discrimination after her treatment for cancer, has been paid £55,000 in a settlement made without admission of liability by the PSNI.

According to the BBC, Hazel Brady was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006.

Mrs Brady complained of discriminatory treatment on her return to work in January 2008 and said she felt the PSNI failed to make reasonable adjustments to accommodate her medical condition.

She said she felt that undue demands were made of her in terms of her workload which did not take her health into account, after further investigative cancer-related surgery, and that she was faced with unfounded criticism of her work.

Inspector Brady described her experience as an “extremely stressful time. I was very shocked, saddened and disappointed that the treatment I received during the two and a half years after my return to work made an already difficult situation much worse for me.

She also alleged that she was denied training opportunities available to her male colleagues.

After she lodged complaints about these issues both she and her husband complained that they were victimised by the bringing against them of allegations of misconduct, which subsequently were not progressed;  her husband also was given compensation.

She also alleged that she herself was victimised by the way in which her sickness absence for cancer-related surgery was managed.

The PSNI also confirmed that, as with all officers, account will be taken of her health and any disability when decisions are made as to what functions she will be required to fulfil and where she will be stationed.

Eileen Lavery of the Equality Commission said no-one in ill health should have to confront additional difficulties.

Everyone involved hopes that other officers and PSNI staff with a disability will be treated better by the organisation in future.

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