Kim Novak – another celebrity has breast cancer

Kim proves you are never too old for a mammogram

Hollywood film actress Kim Novak has been diagnosed with breast cancer.
“It was caught early by a routine yearly mammogram and she   is undergoing treatment,” said her manager Sue Cameron.
This shocking news will send out a strong warning to the
medical profession in many countries, who put an age cap
on mammograms for people under Kim’s age.
Kim was aged 76 at diagnosis, and sadly this is a warning signal, and a wake-up  call to doctors who assure their patients  “you are too old to get breast cancer” at 70-plus.  At the recent Breakthrough Breast Cancer Westminster Fly-in, age at diagnosis was one of the items highlighted, and people were warned they should demand mammograms when well over 70  – not to abide by Government-imposed timescales.
For women who think that after 70 they don’t need to bother any more about mammograms – as Kim has proven, you do need to have these check-ups, even if you are in the best of health.
According to Sue Cameron, “all her doctors say she is in fantastic physical shape and should recover very well.”
But she is yet another person who disproves the theory that if you excersize and are slim, you avoid cancer.  T’aint so.
However, Kim’s treatment is expected to be minimal, suggesting she needs a lumpectomy and radiation – possibly
the new brachytherapy treatment.
Kim became a world favourite with her role in “Vertigo“,  with James Stewart, and produced by the Englishman Sir Alfred Hitchcock.  She also starred in  “Pal Joey” with Frank Sinatra, and “Picnic” starring William Holden.

In 1976 she married Dr. Robert Malloy, a veterinarian;  works out three times a week with a personal trainer, rides her horses daily on their ranch in Oregon, and helps raise horses and llamas.

What about you?

If you are over 70, make sure your doctor still sends you for a mammogram.  You have the right – so don’t take no for an answer.

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