Don't forget to pack skincare creams with sports kit

Your skin can have a workout too

When you exercise your skin needs

  • protection during sweety workouts
  • protection from chlorinated water
  • Using gym time to give your skin a boost

So amongst the trainers and track suits, make sure you pack skincare.

One of my favourite products sitting in my locker is Clinique Moisture Surge cream. It does what is says on the label, and I make sure I always pat it on to my face after the shower.

Whatever a swimming pool drops in to the water today, it still dries out your skin.  So you need to ensure that you wash this off, then carry out your routine to cleanse, tone and moisturise.

You know the ‘tight’ feeling you get after a swim?  You may think the water will have moisturised skin, but what is in that water isn’t helping.  Hence you need to make sure your skin is moisturised and your face benefits from your workout, as well as your body.

One good tip – when you go into the Jacuzzi, if it’s quiet and you aren’t made to feel stupid, take your jar of Moisture Surge with you, slap some on and then gently give your face a massage.  Using open palms work your fingers up and out – from the neckline to the top of your cheeks, then across your forehead.

Do this, and the warmth will help the cream to penetrate, and you will come out of the Jacuzzi with lovely smooth cheeks.

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