Why June is popular for weddings, and other bath-time lore

Water dries out your skin, but it is essential

Have you ever wondered why June is the most popular month for marriages?

Lying in my bath this morning, I was thinking of this, and wondering if our ancestors would have bathed more often if they had the products we have – Heaven Scent gel was my choice, and it was producing flights of fancy.

We take a daily bath or shower for granted, and rely on products that have just been ‘invented’ to help us with skin problems.  But the average ancient’s skin would have been a mess of sores, etc. and you would have used lead paste to cover all the blemishes.  Ugh!

June was the month when you had your annual – yes, annual – bath, and were sewn into your new clothes.  These stayed on you for the next year (they were made of strong stuff);  only your collar or ruff might be changed when friends visited.

If you were very grand you might have an overdress or extra jacket or two – or if Royalty, they had more than a few outfits – but otherwise you stayed in the clothes that you were sewn in to. Buttons and zippers came later.

At night you might have taken off the top layer and put on a nightgown, if you were rich.  Otherwise you just slept in what you had on.


So this was the time of year that young men’s fancies turned to thoughts of marrying.  A wife was someone who would work hard in your home, and if you married in June, this meant a whole year’s work out of her before you needed to spend any money on new clothes.

Smell?  When you all smelt the same, this wan’t much of a problem.  Food spilt down your front?  Well, you just gave your ruff a quarter turn and a clean side was displayed – you only bothered to put on a clean one when it was dirty all round.

Even the rich didn’t bathe too often, but Queen Elizabeth Ist was considered eztraordinary:  one diarist wrote, “Her Majesty doth hath a bath once a month, whether she need it or no”.

Her successor, James Ist, came from sturdy Scottish stock, who used their hands for everything.  James liked nothing better than to go hunting;  when he caught a stag he would disembowel it, putting his hands in to cut out the innards and give them to his favourite hounds.  Blood on his hands was wiped away on his clothes, and off he went again.

It was Beau Brummel who made us wash – in the mid-1700s.  He decreed that no Gentleman would come into a ladies’ drawing room “smelling of the stables”, and gradually we started to use soap and water.

All this is to remind you that we are lucky;  today having a bath or shower is a lovely experience.  Often it is the only time when we have to ourselves;  our ancestors would have shared it with the whole family, and servants climbed in to the tub when they had finished.  I did wonder what they would have thought of  Heaven Scent Shower Gel – and would they have understood how to use a shower?

Sarah Jones London has created a detox product that’s as easy as taking a long hot shower, containing  essential oils, and exfoliating properties that are ace at ridding our skin of the nasty bits of rough skin that we often get.  Queen Elizabeth I would have loved this, as it smells of citrus aromas of lemon and grapefruit, coupled with natural jojoba beads.  With thirteen different essential oils, ‘Heaven Scent’ provides a combination of  benefits with the fruits and spices that were around in the first Elizabeth’s time.

Among these essential oils is the infusion of Cinnamon, which helps to relieve aching muscles and give your system a wake-up call, tangy Grapefruit helps reduce the appearance of cellulite, the blend of Lemongrass essence hydrates, brightens and uplifts your skin and Litsea oil helps to calm you down. You could say this provides a detox for the skin, but I just prefer to say it wakes me up and leaves my skin feeling soft and stripped of all the nasty rough bits.  James Ist didn’t know what he was missing!

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5 thoughts on “Why June is popular for weddings, and other bath-time lore

  1. barrie August 18, 2010 at 6:09 pm Reply

    Have to be very careful.
    As I have hole in throat I can drown if water get into lungs

    • Verite Reily Collins August 19, 2010 at 7:32 am Reply

      Hadn’t thought of that – thanks for reminding me. But bet you still keep cleaner than James I !

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  3. Teula September 1, 2010 at 3:30 pm Reply

    I love the way your mind works Verite!!
    A lovely little read.

    • Verite Reily Collins September 4, 2010 at 8:01 pm Reply

      Thank you for your comments re my mind! Sometimes I think I am totally out of it – I just don’t understand how the system works and why Cameron says he is going to abolish QUANGOS, and yet NICE is still allowed to ban a drug, Avastin, that is prescribed by eminent doctors is different circumstances.

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