Lufthansa follows David Cameron's advice

The new coalition Government has highlighted better health care in Europe

Now, Lufthansa is making Medical Travel To Germany easier

With David Cameron and Andrew Lansley saying they want to improve medical care in Britain, to bring it up to European standards, Lufthansa has just made travelling to Germany for medical reasons a whole lot easier.

Ever since the election, I have been trying to find out what UK patients have to do to access this promised healthcare;  having just spent two days on the phone to the Dept. Health, trying to find out who has been tasked with looking into European healthcare, and seeing what can be done to copy this in the NHS, I was told by an official

“These questions cover a wide range of areas, and would involve me speaking to five or more policy officials, taking up a great deal of mine and my colleagues time, in order for me to get answers for you. And, once we have answers, you are likely to have follow-up questions.

….. In the meantime I would suggest you speak to local NHS services, or charities, for anecdotal evidence of how links are being forged with European health services”.

Talk about a cop-out! Isn’t it lovely that these officials think they aren’t there to do anything – but in my naivety I thought they were paid by the taxpayer to provide answers to sensible questions.

However, if you don’t want to wait until the NHS drags itself up by its old-fashioned bootlaces to crawl in to twenty-first century medicine, international patient consultant Premier Healthcare Germany, based in Hamburg, assists patients from around the world in selecting and obtaining high quality medical treatment in Germany. Germany is internationally renowned for its focus on quality, scientific research, and evidence based medicine while still maintaining an affordable cost for treatment.

The scheme offers

•Reduced fares in economy, business, and first class due to the cooperation with Premier Healthcare Germany
•Mixed cabin class option: fly to Germany in economy class and return in business class, e.g. after a hip replacement
•Free itinerary changes offer patients flexibility in case of changes in their medical condition
•Hassle-free medical trip planning due to combined medical and travel expertise of Lufthansa and Premier Healthcare Germany
•An opportunity to earn miles in Lufthansa’s award-winning Miles and More frequent flyer program

“This cooperation is easy for Lufthansa to implement and it means so much for us, an emerging company that strives to make medical treatment in Germany accessible for everyone,” said Olaf Haase, Director of Clinical Affairs and one of the founders of Premier Healthcare Germany. “Being mobile and having easy access to Germany is the fundamental key to any medical travel. With this cooperation, we can offer transportation that goes far beyond the simple booking of a seat.”

Lufthansa offers wheel chair service, to complete intensive care units onboard its aircraft,  and has become a leading provider in medical mobility.”

As Premier says, “Medical travel needs to be well planned and organized. It is for this reason that patients sometimes shy away from it. The task of travelling to another country for treatment often seems daunting. This is often due to the logistic efforts involved. Only the very few Internet savvy and travel experienced individuals find it easy to plan and execute a medical trip. For others, it can be a project with unpredictable complexity.

Having been treated in Germany for side effects from hormonal cancer drugs, I would go back tomorrow – especially as massage is very much a part of German healthcare.  But be warened – therapists usually stay in the room when you undress, and find it very funny that British men always keep their socks on – even though the are naked!

I found the doctors extremely efficient, although unlikely to provide the personal information on their website that we might access for British healthcare professionals.  When I queried this, I found out their Health Ministry keeps a much more rigorous eye on qualifications, etc. so Germans aren’t so obsessed with looking up their doctor’s qualifications on the web.  However, Premier Healthcare does have information on its website about many of its top surgeons, which must have been prepared for us Britons!

More information:

Olaf Haase

Director of Marketing and Clinical Affairs
Member of the Board
Phone: +49 163 286 9344
Michael G. Meurs
Director Business Development
Member of the Board
Phone: +31 651 26 9282

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