How to have fabulous massage without paying the earth

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Massage is good for you post cancer

In Europe, massage is accepted as part of the deal to help you recover from cancer.  In some countries you can even get treatments on their health service, and every oncologist expects you to have this included as part of your recovery programme, for as long as you are on hormonal drugs.

Even in Britain, where the parsimonious NHS wouldn’t dream of advocating anything so nice as part of a medical recovery programme, a Macmillan survey proved that massage is good for you.

If you are lucky you can get some massages for free offered by charities – then you are on your own, and have to pay from £50 – £90 each time you want a treatment.

Once you have realised the benefits of massage – helping you relax, possibly sleep better, and definitely improve  ‘drug-stressed’ skin, most of us just coudn’t face the cost, even though we knew the benefits.  Until along came Wahanda.

Wahanda is like a free club, whose members gain benefits with low-cost treatments.  Once you sign up, you receive almost daily emails with the latest offers, known as MobDeals, which range from massage to spa breaks, and all at a much lower price than if you walked in off the street.  And these aren’t only in London – they have deals all over the UK:  Bristol, Cardiff, Glasgow, Manchester, Birmingham, etc.  See for more deals.

What’s it like to have a MobDeal?

Into my Inbox popped the Wahanda Newsletter with a deal for £20.  If I paid Wahanda this by credit card, I would get a massage, hair treatment for my horrible dry hair, manicure and pedicure.  This seemed too good to be true, but I paid up, printed out the voucher that came back, and made an appointment with Kuno Tierra Boutique Urban Spa.  They have two spas, one in Mayfair, but I chose the one in King’s Road, Chelsea.

Stepping inside the salon, I was greated by Laureen, French – and professional to her finger-tips  She showed me into a treatment room, and proceeded to give me a fantastic Back, Neck and Shoulder massage.  Whenever I have a good massage, this helps restore my energy levels – and boy, I have been zinging around ever since.  Laureen was incredibly relaxing yet thorough, and at no time did I feel I was getting something on the cheap – all the time I was pampered and cosseted.  Bliss.

Eventually I had to snap out of my trance, and Laureen then gave me an excellent pedicure, and a manicure.  Well, my split ‘druggie’ nails are a sore test of any manicure – but with this one the polish stayed on my finger nails for six days – twice as long as normal.

After my hair treatment, I was offered a wash and blow dry for £25 – and I would have done anything to stay around in the atmosphere, so I went upstairs to Lockonego, the sister hairdressers, and Sophie gave me a fantastic hair-do.

I knew I would be back, and found that once a customer, you get offered fantastijiuuc deals:  the current one is for three Express treatments from the menu of Facial, Manicure, Pedicure, Nourishing Hand and Feet Treatment, the massage I had – and beauty treatments including Spray Tanning and Body Polish.  Cost for three treatments is £60.

Tel: 020 7795-1798

And if you sign up to Wahanda’s newsletter, telling you about MoibDeals, they have kindly said if you buy anything, you can have £5 off your first purchase.

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