Has the Coalition come out with new ideas on health?

Paul Burstow MP addressing a Liberal Democrat ...
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Andrew Lansley (new Health Secretary) has announced that a new independent commission will be established to advise the Government on the future funding of long-term care and the NHS will be reformed to improve patient outcomes.

Er – hasn’t anyone told the new boys every time a new commission is set up, this costs money, time and loss of trees from the forests?  And is usually dis-banded the next time someone has a bright idea?

Lansley says, “this document sets out a clear message to the NHS. That our united vision is for a healthcare system which achieves outcomes that are amongst the best in the world, and free from day-to-day political interference.

“We will cut bureaucracy and hand back power to clinicians and patients to ensure they are at the forefront of decision making about NHS services. The proposals will drive up standards of care, eliminate waste and lead to better outcomes that improve the health of the nation.”

Well, if they DO manage to do that, perhaps this commission might have some validity.

Apparently this commission is to report within a year; break down barriers between health and social care funding to incentivise preventative action (i.e. jobs for the boys who haven’t yet found a cosy niche).

extend the greater roll-out of personal budgets to both older and disabled people  and carers to give more control and purchasing power – (has anyone managed to get this working for them yet?)

Now, proving they are full of inclusion and all the PC-speak, we bring in the LidDems:

Care Services Minister Paul Burstow (he’s a LibDem – that’s his pic above) said: “Urgent reform of the social care system is at the top of our agenda. The current system is unsustainable – it cannot go on as it is. Our first step to reform is to establish an independent commission  We’ll set out further details and the terms of reference soon.”

The Government has also today announced that it will not be commencing the provisions in the Personal Care at Home Act, 2010 relating to free care at home. However, the Government will be considering what more can be done on re-ablement and carers’ breaks in the light of available resources.  Bad luck those who were hoping that the burden of paying for providing care so their loved one can die at home, will still be a massive burden for them – and they may have to sell their home to pay for this.

Proving to all the sceptics (like myself) that the new coalition hasn’t started squabbling  in the nursery – yet.  But it is copying the last regime with talk of setting up commissions (i.e paper shuffling).

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