NHS would gain if bureaucrats are sacked

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Smug feelings reign supreme!

Ooooh – don’t you love that  smug feeling you get when someone in authority speaks from the same crib sheet as you!

This week The Sunday Times quotes Edward Leigh as saying “my solution for the NHS is to return it to the consultants and let them get on with it.  There is a massive gain in cutting the number of bureaucrats.  A lot of them would go and the public would not notice the difference”.

So who is Leigh?  He is the outgoing chairman of the public accounts committee – a man whose job has been  to oversea public spending – and he has just launched a blistering attack on NHS beaureacracy.  Good for him.

His committee has uncovered staggering amounts being wasted in the NHS, such as over £100 million on a national chlamydia screening programme, which The Sunday Times says could not produce evidence that it worked.

His final report makes staggering reading.  Next time you call in an electrician and complain about the quote, think of the NHS, blithely allowing their electricians to charge over £300 just for changing an electric socket.

In a blistering attack (good for him) he says “there is not a shadow of a doubt that you can deliver the reduction (in public finances) …by imposing massive efficiency savings and job cuts on the bureaucracy”.

So why not ‘divorce’ the NHS from politics and let Edward Leigh take over?  Don’t offer him a salary, just tell him he gets 0.001 % of the savings he makes.  And bet you he will be in clover.

To see the full text of his findings, go to www.timesonline.co.uk/politics

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