Ways to save NHS money

The biggest change I would make if I could would be the scrapping of “the internal market”.

A report from an anonymous mole says :

This you may or may not have heard of, but basically this means that each NHS trust is competing financially against every other trust.

Also it means that each trust bills other trusts for the work it undertakes for them. For example an Ambulance Trust is paid for every patient that it takes to hospital.

Now this may seem all well and good, but none of this money actually exists. It is figures on balance sheets that armies of accountants are being paid to move around.

Also, if an ambulance is held at hospital for more than fifteen minutes waiting to unload a patient, then the ambulance service fines the hospital two pounds fifty pence per minute per patient.

All this money is not being spent on patients, it is being spent on admin.

At the moment we don’t have a national health service, we have a loose alliance of competing businesses”.

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