Good Skin care needn't be expensive

Jergens4You get what you pay for – most times

Whilst researching looking afterour skin, I generally  found that the better the skincare, the more it cost.  I tried lotions and lotions of potions, and the cheap ones just did nothing.  Except for a ‘new kid on the block that has come in from America, Jergens.

So how do they keep the price down without compromising on quality?

  • ‘Inexpensive’ packaging
  • No expensive ingredients.  With some expensive creams their effectiveness comes from very costly ingredients.  Jergens has opted for good but not top price ingredients.
  • No expensive perfume.  Today’s creams can contain expensive perfumes which are not going to cause a reaction – hence are costly.  But my favourite Jergens body moisturiser – Total Nourishment – has a very faint floral scent;  not expensive and not obtrusive or chemical.
  • Volume.  Being a massive US company they can make in vast quantities undreampt of by rival creams, hence they can keep cost down
  • Mega-sales.  They sell through Boots, Tesco, Superdrug and Sainsbury.  Luxury brands know that their products are too expensive, so would never get the advantages of selling through these massive outlets.

So will I change?  Yes and no.  Yes, Total Nourishment, and its sister product, Cocoa Butter Body Moisturiser will be on my shelf for everyday use;  I am using them now and my skin is lapping them up.  No – for when I need an extra boost after starting a new drug which has caused havoc with my skin, I will be using  one of the clinically-trialled products.  But once my skin has settled down, Jergens will be useful for everyday use.                                                                                                         Cost:  £4.99 for 200 ml.

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