Examining moles for skin cancer

Melanoma left foot
Typical Melanoma Image


Bad news is – once you have had cancer every tiny pimple or mole sends warning signals – is this skin cancer?

Good news is -it is unlikely, but if is kin cancer it is easy to diagnose and treat.

So be skin aware – watch any moles and if they get bigger or inflammed, go to the GP.

Go to My Skin Check and check out your moles.

This is not a self-diagnosis tool, but the interactive information on the website is intended to help you understand the causes and risk factors of skin cancer, whilst telling you about consulting your GP or Dermatologist if you detect any changes. Or if you are worried about the form or size of a mole.

You can check your personal risk and also keep a record of changes on your skin – helpful in identifying when you should go for a check-up.  www.myskincheck.co.uk

More helpful info on http://www.reddingdermatology.com/moles.htm

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