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Some of the best information for those who speak English are to be found from American, Canadian, Australian and European sites (these are usually in English too).


This deserves top place as EVERY cancer patient should have access to just such a helpline. For more information go to Good Ideas category (click on words in column on right hand side)

Action Cancer – for those living in Northern Ireland, there is a helpline, information, downloads and some free complimentary therapies.  028 9080 3344

Age Concern – has some of the most practical and sensible advice I have seen for coping with disabilities, benefits, etc.  You don’t have to be an OAP to take note of what they say, but if you are you will find they are incredibly helpful.  0800 00 99 66  http://www.Age

American Association for Cancer Research has a zippy, informative online magazine aimed at Survivors

Anaemia – also known as Anemia in US.  This can happen to us when we have to take drugs, and needs expert attention.  If you get this, and want more information, the best website I have come across is This company website provides information about some of the side effects of its cancer drugs.  But as I discovered, not ALL side effects are listed – their excuse was that they were in process of updating.

Asian Womens’ Breast Cancer Support Group

They hold meetings last Friday of month at The Kenmore Clinic,

Kenton, Harrow, Middx. HA3 9EN

A.I.C.R  (Association for International Cancer Research) Click on their website for links through to helpful organisations

BELGIUM Jules Bordet Institute Boulevard de Waterloo, 125, 1000 Brussels is one of most famous cancer treatment and research centres  in the world.

Betterdays Cancer Care was founded by Marina Raime to provide advocacy and support for women with breast cancer. The primary objective of this organization is to provide a strong support base, particularly for BME women, and an emotional safe haven for breast cancer survivors to express their fears, frustrations, and concerns.  Marina says “we provide updates of breast cancer educational information, to teach each member and non-member to take responsibility for their own health, so that they can reclaim a sense of control in their lives”.

Breast Cancer Care 0808 800 6000 or 020 7620 0077

Breast Cancer Network Australia

British Red Cross Depending on where you live, they offer an incredible amount of helpful services, from transporting you to medical appointments, to care in the home.  It is hard to give an overall list, as the Commissioners will assess the most important needs in their area, and try to step in and fill them.  Go to their website to find out what is available in your region. There may be a charge for some services.                                               

Red Cross and Red Crescent are in countries all over the world.  See your local branch for access to their services.

Canadian Breast Cancer Network  – Réseau canadien du cancer du sein 331, rue Cooper Street, Suite 300, Ottawa, ON K2P 0G5   613-230-3044 ext. 222  1-800-685-8820

Cancer BACUP 0808 800 1234

Cancer Club’s founder, Christine Clifford Beckwith, is just my type of person.  Waking up in the middle of the night, she started to think of the humorous side of cancer, and from this came a stream of cartoons – which she has turned in to books.  She founded The Cancer Club®, an organization that specializes in marketing humorous and helpful products internationally to help people with cancer.  The club has a newsletter, and to see one of her cartoons click on Hair, Hands and Feet, and you can order these books by clicking on the Amazon icon or direct from

Cancer Myths The Canadian Cancer website has an excellent section exploding ‘Cancer Myths’.  Look up the myth and the reality under Cancer Myths on wide and type in Myths in Search window.

Cancer Research UK 0808 800 4040  0207 7121 6699 Don’t be put off by name – this is one of most sensible and useful sites with accurate and helpful information. They have useful info also on They also have an interesting free newsletter: subscribe by applying to

Cancer Resource Centre (now known as Paul D’Auria Support Centre)   020 7924 3924 . Drop-in centre with helpful friendly people, and a very good library with information on cancer. President is Prof. Karol Sikora;  one reason why their AGM is standing-room only in a very large hall  Another is the food which always seems to be in aBundance!   Currently they are running The Healing Journey programme, and offer marvellous therapies and massage to those recovering from treatment.  They were founded over 25 years ago – so must be the oldest cancersupport centre.

Chrysalis is the Crawley (Surrey) Breast Cancer group who meet at 7.30 every last working Monday of the month, at thePostgraduate Medical Centre, Crawley Hospital, West Green, Crawley.

Clinical Trials – there is nothing to stop you, if you wish, asking to join with any trials you think might be useful. If you are treated privately, nurses have told me that they think it a shame that private patients lose out on this. Obviously you will ensure that, as far as you know, these trials are conducted in the most professional way possible – and you should be aware there is always a risk. To find out what’s going on

Complementary Medical Association 0845 129 84 34  If you are contemplating having complementary therapies, but are not quite sure … their website says:  The Complementary Medical Association is a non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting the very highest standards of complementary medicine and natural healthcare

DANA FARBER CANCER INSTITUTE This American cancer centre, based in Boston, USA,  is acknowledged to be one of the most important cancer centres in the world, and its website is extremely helpful.  Much of the information on this website, especially in Cancer in the News, comes via helpful contacts at this center.

More informationpn contscting American websites is under USA below.


The organisations here are UK based;  there are similar ones in countries around the world.
Key cancer documents on this site such as the NHS Cancer Plan and the Manual of Cancer Standards.
Publications, information and National Electronic Library for Health


We’ve all had the Patronising Doctor decrying information on the Internet.  To a certain extent PD can be right;  there is an enormous amount of rubbish out there, but you’ve got a brain – just be suspicious at first, and you will soon find that you develop a sense of what is right.  Elsewhere I have posted Breast Cancer Care stats about how many of us use the Internet for our information, and the good thing about the World Wide Web is there are always other sites to compare information.  One very interesting site is the ;

ESMO (European Society for Medical Oncology) has article on ten point Statement of Quality Cancer Care

EUROPA DONNA Over 40 countries in and around Europe belong to this organisation.  See details below.

How to tell colleagues and managers . This is a really sensible site on what and how to tell colleagues you have cancer.

Carry on Gardening (thought this sounded fun!) 0118 988 5688

F.D.A (Food and Drug Agency) Australia, USA, UK etc. all have these agencies, who are Government funded organisations that test and check foods and medicines before they are released in that country.  Therefore if a product has been approved by an FDA agency, it has been rigorously tested.  The US agency has several interesting internet sites:

FDA: Beware Fake Cures on the Internet

Oncology Tools

Oncology Program

Office of Oncology Drug Products (OODP)

Forums (or should it be Forii?)

Macmillans, Breast Cancer Care and the major charities have chat rooms and forums on their websites.

For example, Talking Cancer is a website where patients and carers share their experiences, and offer support and guidance.  You can connect with others 24 hours a day.  The webmaster says they are particularly interested in stories from around the world , especially on ‘after care’.

France – two very helpful websites set up for English speaking visitors or residents in France, are and

Guise and Dolls

They were formed for Head and Neck Cancer patients at Guys and St. Thomas’ Hospitals in London (Florence Nightingale started St. Thomas’).  Their website is fun to navigate, and they have a moving poem from a breast cancer survivor on their site.  Good easy-to-read information about diet, and lots of fun things to click on.  

Help – when you wake up in the middle of the night with heartburn, and think cancer – go to website dealing with Barrett’s Oesophagus. It is highly unlikely that you have cancer of the oesophagus, but this website is factual and reassuring. Barrett’s Oesophagus Foundation or Nice people too.

History The US WebMed website has a short history of discoveries related to breast cancer

La Roche Posay spa and treatment centre.  They developed the La Roche Posay skincare products, which have now been sold to L’Oreal, but are still prescribed in hospitals and have undergone over 20 clinical trials.  More information about trials on

Lanyngectomee Trust

Sara Lee Trust based in East Sussex, and offers therapies, acupuncture, massage, etc.  You need to be referred by a professional  (doctor, Macmillan or other nurse, GP, etc).                                                                                                                          25 UpperMaze Hill, St Leonards-on-Sea, East Sussex  TH38 OLB 01424-445177

Living Beyond Breast Cancer. This is an American helpline and website.   (888) 753-5222

National LGBT Cancer Network (USA)  212-675-2633
National Electronic Library for Health is working with NHS libraries to develop a digital library for NHS staff, patients and the public.

Look Good, Feel Better . Or outside UK.

Lymphoma Assn. 0808 808 5555

Lymphoedema Support Network 020 7351 4480

Macmillan Cancerline 0808 808 2020

Macmillan also say they have over 800 contact centres across UK,  Find nearest one on

Maggie Centres are to be found in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee, Highlands, Fife, London, Oxford, South West Wales, Lanarkshire and Hong Kong. 0131 537 2456                             or

Marie Curie Cancer Care Is one of the most helpful organisations, and also one of the UK’s largest charities, but has managed to keep its focus on why it was founded.  Founded in 1948 – the same year as the NHS – it  marks its 60th anniversary in 2008.

Employing more than 2,700 nurses, doctors and other healthcare professionals,  it provides care to around 27,000 terminally ill patients in the community and in their hospices, along with support for their families.

As services are always free of charge to patients and their families, this year they will need to raise more than £115 million.

0800 716146 (for a wide range of queries, from asking how to get a Marie Curie Nurse to getting involved in fundraising events or making a donation). – general is a direct link to patient and carer pages.

Medical Records : If you need to see your medical records, and find medics are being obstructive, remind them everyone is entitled to view their own health records. All competent patients may apply for access to their records under the Access to health records Act 1990 and data protection act of 1998

Medical Spas

France This  is in French, but if you want to find out names of spas dealing with skin problems, look for Dermatologie.  And use Babelfish – not brilliantly accurate, but you get the gist.

Germany :  For information in English:

Memorial Sloan Kettering is one of most famous cancer centres in the world.  Respected by oncologists worldwide,  it has useful, but cautious, information on (clicking on the publications box on the right side will take you to some journal articles) and

Move on From Cancer   is a website written by cancer survivor, Graham Cable, who is building up helpful links, information etc.

National Cancer Institute . Typical American Government website full of factual information, patient-friendly and gives accurate and sensible information.  Did you know doctors have been using radium to treat tumours since 1903? Very east-to-read diagrams.

National Breast & Ovarian Cancer Centre, Australia

National Breast Cancer Foundation, Australia

Information on the National Cancer Dataset and the Cancer Waiting Times Dataset.

NICE National Institute for Clinical Excellence – the organisation that has to approve drugs before they can be supplied by NHS.
Provides information about the NHS – What it does, how it works, and how to use it. It also provides links through to other NHS organisations and local services.  I take no responsibility for accuracy of statements on this website!
An on-line health encyclopaedia and self-help guide can be accessed via this website.  I found this very much depends on whom you get to talk to – but at no time did I ever get useful information about dealing sensibly with side effects – normal advice comes down to “ask your GP”.  But worth a try.
Information available on regional health profiles, geographic data and data sets.

Very useful site for many pieces of info about cancer.

Occupational Therapy is one section of NHS which works extremely well – if only you knew about it.  They can provide marvelous air mattresses to make lying in bed softer and more comfortable, and when I decided it was too tiring to go in to work every day, and I would work from home, round came Craig to tell me what to do.  This included painstaking advice on the right chair – he got one company to send a trial – sent it back because it was over £1,000 – then found Matt who works at SitSmart.  He came round, measured up, asked me what I wanted, and I have ended up with a superb chair, in colour I like (blue) and Sitsmart are going to offer a special rate if you mention this website of £136.  01892-510202

Oncolink is an American website, written in sensible language with a wealth of information about cancer.  Sadly, their postings about side effects are somewhat dated, but still accurate – and they mention the research done in Dundee into side effects, which have been brushed under the carpet in Britain.

OOFFOO Is a website with sensible postings, and where you can buy natural products such as the Eco-ver range.  These are detergents, washing up liquid, etc. that won’t send your skin into orbit.  Oh – and it is also an exchange for getting rid of unwanted stuff.

PAC (positive free counselling service) 01373-455255

Parabens I was concerned about Parabens, so contacted the British Association of Dermatology.  They put me on to The Cosmetic Toiletry and Perfumery Association, who can tell you far more about these and other ingredients added to our skincare.  ‘Chinese Whispers’ have damned many additives, and I constantly received emails saying this product – or that – gives you cancer.  Luckily we have stringent tests and regulatory authorities to protect us most of the time, but it is well to be aware of what is in your products.

In today’s climate of litigation, big internationally known companies would be very foolish to put anything in a product that might get them sued, or that could be challenged in court.  But what worries me is that relatively sensible people use ‘no added X  or Y, as a mantra, not realising that even Vitamin C can have its downside.  I have used skincare containing parabens for years, so have many, many other people.  And as one research chemist said at the launch of a product, “sometimes the blurb lists so many ingredients products DON’T contain, I wonder what is left”.  More information on

There is also – This is a site put out by the Cosmetic industry, and designed more for professionals, but again with lots of info on parabens and an answer to just about every scare story re cosmetics and skincare. Of course, they are speaking for the industry,  BUT – if products were are bad as people claim, there would be law suits flying around the globe, and the companies would be out of business. Today, no reputable company is going to allow any product to be sold without rigorous testing. Also, if you hoard expensive skincare like a miser (as I do) you will find that products that don’t contain preservatives go off more quickly.

However, many people are, quite rightly, concerned that there is another side to the picture, particularly as the CTPA is obviously going to give their member’s side.  Other sites that differ are : which has evolved from the book “Our Stolen Future” by Theo Colburn and Pete Myers. There is also the American site from which the 2008 publication “The State of the Evidence” can be downloaded. The Journal ‘Basic & Clinical Pharmacology & Toxicology’ dedicated an entire publication to ‘Prenatal Programming and Toxicity’ in Feb 2008 (Vol 102, No 2). Other eminent scientists to write papers on the possibly harmful chemicals in our environment/workplace/homes/toiletries and to call for the Precautionary Principal to do adopted include David Gee and Richard Clapp, to name but two.

Paul D’Auria Cancer Support Centre The oldest cancer support centre in Britain, with a lively programme of interesting events.  The only organisation  I know where the AGM is standing room room only – probably because they usually have very good eats!   Woburn House, 155 Falcon Road, London SW11 2PD (near Clapham Junction) 020 7924 3924


Peterborough Breast Cancer Support Group are a very go-ahead team – join up with them and they have a lovely welcoming attitude.  You may be swept up in a pink limousine for Fashion Show, or take part in lots of other activities.  They have an extremely sensible and easy-to-read brochure about After Treatment – go to are based in Guernsey, and get up to all sorts of fun things!  They have a very useful local Contacts list.

Prepare To Live – P2L – is a very positive Australian website, aimed at younger people.  Watch the video of the Grim Reaper (complete with realistic and very sharp-looking scythe) being chased away by the young chemo patient.

Playing Politics The Daily Telegraph likened it to “people power”, describing how the NHS is having to climb down with what they described as their “illegal” action, denying us the chance to top up our treatment privately.

However, whilst petty officials cling on to power, we are still going to have to fight for our rights. Recently I was told “we can’t supply what you want. If we do, it will set a precedent for other disabled people”.

So I contacted John Bowis. He is MEP (Member of the European Parliament) for my Euro-constituency, ex-member of World Health Organisation, and Conservative spokesman on health at the European Parliament. Told him about my problems, and within a month, thanks to him, it was all sorted.

So if you have problems, and your MP can’t/won’t help, or just ignores your letters, contact

1) Your MEP

2) or John Bowis who is Conservative spokesman on health at the EU

We may complain about Brussels, but the Brussels Parliament has tremendous power over our everyday lives – make use of it.

Physicians’ Guide to Clinique Products : this booklet lists ingredients in Clinique products and is invaluable for nurses and doctors who need more info on what’s in product. 01207-271209

Polio – you may have had this as a child, and totally forgotten it. But if you are having an operation it is vitally important to inform your anaethetist – and to make sure they have read Dr. Spencer’s paper which can be supplied through the Polio Fellowship. My anaethestist totally disregarded the mention on my admission form, and as a consequence it took me about two months to recover from the anaesthetic. When I was faced with a seven-hour operation shortly afterwards at the Royal Brompton Hospital, my surgeon Mr. Mario Petrou, together with Dr. Hunter, took this on board, consulted with my polio doctor, asked me inumerable questions, and read Dr. Spencer’s paper. Result -I sailed through the op. without a single problem. More information from . 0800 018 0586.

Prevention The Genesis Appeal is the only UK charity dedicated entirely to the prevention of breast cancer.  Currently, one in ten women is expected to develop breast cancer.  The aim of The Genesis Appeal is to create a future without breast cancer, by making 1 in 10, none in 10.

The Genesis Appeal has helped to fund the Genesis Breast Cancer Prevention Centre, which is Europe’s first ever, purpose built centre of its kind. The £14 million state-of-the-art project – based in Manchester – brings together internationally recognised medical experts and houses pioneering work into diagnosis, education and research into the prevention and treatment of breast cancer.

Private Treatment . Friends might tell you that you will be lonely in a private room on your own. Don’t believe it. Today you are rushed through surgery, and by the time you are waking up and feeling ‘I fancy something to eat’, the doctor comes in and says “you can go home now”. Chance would be a fine thing – but you won’t have a moment to feel lonely! To find a selection of private hospitals; .

Prostate Cancer h

Sheffield If you live in the City you probably already know the consortium of 28 GP practices that have banded together.  Full marks to them – they have details of what they are currently researching, an on-line survey asking what patients want from an out-of-hours service (they are actually consulting US!) and there is loads of useful info.  www/

Talking Cancer is a website where patients and carers share their experiences of cancer and offer each other support.  It seems to be read by Australian nurses (with expert knowledge) as well as the general public.

There are a range of discussion forums covering general cancer topics, specific cancers, and support for carers. The forums provide the opportunity to connect with others online, 24 hours a day. You can read the forums freely. In order to participate in the discussions you need to register with Talking Cancer, which you can do for free, by completing the Registration Form.

Survivorship At last!  The NHS realises that they SHOULD do something to help us after we leave hospital.  Macmillan and they are now involved in an a Consultation exercise on Living With and After Cancer.  More in on or

and newsletter on

The Facts About ….. This website belongs to the Cosmetic, Toiletry and Perfumery Association.  Yes, there will be lots of people who throw up hands in horror – and millions of us who use their member products every day are quite happy to do so, and will welcome the sensible, factual advice on this site about all sorts of ‘new’ words – and what they mean.   In defence of this industry, if one millionth of the things they are accused of by pressure groups came true, there wouldn’t be any cosmetics sold. is a website giving details of spas across the UK.  Some of them are mentioned on this website, some not, but if you need massage, reflexology or a facial, this site should show you the nearest salon.


General Council  for Massage Therapy

Foundation for Integrated Health for  more general information including the link to the newly formed Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (probably up and running by 2009).  Individual therapists will be able to be registered on it, providing they belong to one of the recognised professional organisations which took part in its setting up. This is voluntary regulation designed to safeguard the public.

Treatment Abroad.
Over 75,000 of us went abroad for treatment last year, and if you want to find out more the company has useful information.

John Bowis is Conservative spokesman on health in the European Parliament.  Very helpful and useful MEP.

Europa Donna – European Coalition of Breast Cancer Services

Also see under France, Germany etc.

Trials What makes my blood boil is the way that the medical profession decries skincare companies, yet conveniently ‘forgets’ what happened with drugs. Remember the trials that were carried out on a new drug Tegenero, at Northwick Park Hospital? The six men who took part were labelled The Elephant Men, because of the horrendous effects of this drug – and some only just survived. At a NHS quango meeting to discuss clinical trials, I mentioned I thought we should make some reference to the way the trials were carried out, and how this must never be allowed to happen again. Looks of shock and horror around the table, and my comment was never minuted.

So think about products, ask friends, and make up your own mind.


Eloise Lingerie is one the of the UK’s leading suppliers of post mastectomy wear including lingerie, swimwear and prostheses. They supply post mastectomy wear including lingerie, swimwear and prostheses.  Set up by a nurse in 1994 in Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk, they recently opened a showroom and fitting rooms in South Wimbledon in London, where women can come for a personal fitting for lingerie or prostheses.


American Society Cancer

Association of Cancer Online Resources

DANA FARBER CANCER CENTER This American cancer instiiture is acknowledged to be one of the most important cancer centres in the world, and its website is incredibly informative.  Much of the information in Cancer in the News comes via the incredibly helpful contacts at this center.

Their page for international patients includes contat information for both adult and pediatric:

They also have a Spanish-language site with an overview of services :

Dr. Susan Love is a doctor, expert in breast cancer and has an excellent website with sensible, proven information. On the site is a link to latest press releases and articles, mostly American, but that is no bad thing as they are serious about their treatment. Whilst I was being treated this was the site I turned to as being most accurate and informative. .

“We have a dedicated team of professional fitters who are all highly trained in lingerie and prostheses fitting, and have plenty experience fitting women after various forms of breast surgery. Our fittings are by appointment only – so please call 0845 22 55 080 to make an appointment or to speak to one of our fitting advisors who can help with any queries regarding our collection .
We have an exciting new collection for 2009 which includes beautiful lingerie sets, camisoles, swimsuits, tankinis and bikinis with matching sarongs and tunic tops. We also have a new range of hats and other accessories for women who have had chemotherapy. We are working closely with a leading designer of luxurious fashion lingerie to produce an exclusive collection just for Eloise.
Watch this space!  As every so often they have a Warehouse Sale! Plenty of bargains (some up to 50% off) to be had with our discontinued ranges –
.Institute for Patient-Centered Design is a 501(c)(3) organization.

They say “Our mission is to contribute to the quality of healthcare delivery through patient-centered design advocacy, education and research.  There are three main service areas:
To provide a voice for patients seeking a more   responsive built environment in a healthcare setting
Provide information to healthcare providers regarding the patient’s expectations of a healthcare facility
Provide information and resources to the  healthcare design community addressing the specific needs of the patients for whom they design.

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    Hello! I’m very glad to have found your website, as it encompasses all the resources I’d ever need to study cancer and cancer recovery. You see, my family has a history of cancer illness, and I’m afraid I’m at risk too. I’m trying to better be safe than sorry.

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